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I think Obama's actions should speak louder than his words.

Would a Christian lay his hand on the bible or the koran?

would a real american by heart refuse to pledge allegiance to our flag and our country?

His actions tell me he is not for America and is not a christian.

A vote for obama is a vote for islam is a vote against the United States.

BlessedinHim, Rapture Ready 82 Comments [1/30/2008 11:36:40 PM]
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Does it matter if he is Christian? (Ahem.. Seperation of Church and State)

Refuse the pledge of Allegiance.. hmm.. FALSE

What actions would those be? Running for president? Inspiring Change and awareness? hmm.. what an asshole..

A vote for Obama is a vote for a President.. dipshit..

Its cool.. maybe we should have a priest as our president, because there has never been anything harmful in the world done on account of religion right? HAHAHA!!!!!

11/3/2008 9:01:02 PM

Is it any wonder that there is no xian with an IQ over 90?

8/26/2010 8:04:24 PM


For punishment, thy shall writeth "America Is Not A Christian Country" upon the blackboard one hundred times, in the fashion of Bart Simpson.

Aside from the fact that Obama is not a Muslim, one does not need to be a Christian to be an American. Separation of church and state does NOT mean that there must be a bit of empty space between a church and a government building.

8/27/2010 2:04:52 AM


I know of some people who were persecuted as traitors because they wouldn't pledge allegiance to the Roman emperor. You should know them, they called themselves Christians.

7/14/2011 9:04:55 PM


It's 2011. Where are the roving squads of Muslims out to enforce sharia we were promised?

7/14/2011 11:04:17 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Would a stupid, superstitious idiot lie like a rug?

10/23/2013 6:55:35 AM


Both things you listed


10/23/2013 8:47:38 AM

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