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The birds define where the face of the 2-heavens starts because some birds can’t fly.
Apparently at that time there were some birds that could fly on the edge of what God defines as outer space. I’m not sure if there are still birds that do this during migratory flights or not. Does anybody know?

The Welders Wife, CSE blogs 69 Comments [1/29/2008 10:32:28 PM]
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Quantum Mechanic

"I’m not sure if there are still birds that do this during migratory flights or not. Does anybody know?"

Everybody but you, idiot.
They'll all be extinct soon, along with you.

1/30/2008 12:01:22 PM

If you don't know after reading the same books and flouting in intellectual emptiness like them, I highly doubt that they would have more information.

1/30/2008 12:07:55 PM

Mister Spak

So you know what happens in your fairy tale but don't know what happens in reality.

This is why people think christians are stupid.

Also did you know birds have eight legs?


1/30/2008 12:11:45 PM

Yule Goat 2 Hell

So this is what birdbrains discuss?

1/30/2008 1:00:57 PM


I know that swans have been encountered above 35,000 by jets.

I imagine that only the Shuttle bird flies higher and faster.

1/30/2008 3:12:35 PM


The North American Blackbird can attain sub-orbital flight.

Of course, that's probably not what The Welders Wife means. (Makes me wonder if "the Welder" is supersport...)

1/30/2008 3:53:14 PM

Old Viking

I feel better just knowing.

1/30/2008 7:51:57 PM


Birds flying in outer space?

You're a fucktard, aren't you, fundie?

1/30/2008 8:39:54 PM


How does the existence of flightless fowl mean that birds define where "the face of the 2-heavens starts"?

Do the flightless ones all get hired by Merriam-Webster, or something?

1/31/2008 12:10:18 AM



2/1/2008 12:46:05 AM


I'm getting a Timecube vibe here...

2/1/2008 1:07:55 AM


Does anybody understand what the fuck she just asked?

2/20/2008 4:42:49 AM

sqrt(-1) Friend

Um...there is NO outer space. How could there be when the gods said nothing about it in the bible? There is earth, sea and the "firmament" (aka the unchangeable night sky).

Are the words "fundamentalist" and "retard" interchangeable?

8/26/2010 8:42:33 PM


Man-Eating Pelicans On Mars!

What a great idea for a totally cool sci-fi movie.

It's sad, though, that anybody in the 21st Century could actually be asking a question like that in all seriousness. To the ignorant goatherds who wrote the "word of god" outer space would probably have appeared to be where birds fly. However, I have gone up to 34 000 feet in an airplane many times and seen neither birds nor the gates of heaven. Of course, I have the advantage of living in the real 21st century whereas idiots like The Welders Wife don't seem to grasp that what appeared evident 2000 years ago is more often than not plain bullshit today.

8/26/2010 10:54:25 PM

Quantum Mechanic

I know the welder didn't marry you for your intelligence.

7/12/2011 2:30:00 AM


"The birds define where the face of the 2-heavens starts because some birds can’t fly."

Penguins. May be a different medium (water: 800x denser than air), but as far as experts in biomechanics & physics are concerned (aerodynamics/hydrodynamics), they can still fly.

Puffins shouldn't theoretically be able to fly (PROTIP: Bumblebees), but they can. They can also 'fly' a la penguins in water too. [/smartarse]


...and that's where you FAIL. Right from the start. It gets better, folks...:

"at that time there were some birds that could fly on the edge of what God defines as outer space. I’m not sure if there are still birds that do this during migratory flights or not. Does anybody know?"

You could always ask Chuck Yeager. In 1963, he took up a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, to try and beat the altitude record (previously set by a Soviet pilot). Upon approaching the edge of our atmosphere, nearing sub-orbital space, his engine flamed out, he lost control and went into a flat spin; having to eject. Near, as you say, 'the edge of what God defines as outer space'. Jet engines (such as that in Yeager's Starfighter) requires air (via it's intakes) to maintain fuel ignition.

At that altitude, there is little to no air whatsoever.

Thus said flame-out. If Yeager's Starfighter couldn't 'breathe' (Yeager even had to wear what is effectively a 'spacesuit'; as do USAF/NASA Lockheed SR-71 & U-2* pilots today), then how the fuck can said migratory birds? You tell me.

Moral: Aeronautics education. Get one.

*- In a one-off documentary by the BBC, "Top Gear"'s James May (a.k.a. 'Captain Slow') goes up in a Lockheed U-2 (a two-seater version):



Lucky bugger!

7/12/2011 7:59:57 AM

Quantum Mechanic

The welder married an idiot.

6/5/2012 1:03:50 PM

Bible Scientist

It seems a lot of students of science have no biblical understanding at all. There are 3 heavens spoken of. Basically: ground level, sky (where birds fly), and the third heaven where God dwells.

This does NOT map strictly to physical realms, so the third heaven is not "outer space". It's simply a misconception.

Basically birds fly on the edge of what birds fly on the edge of, and that is referred to as the second heaven. Even the title "second heaven" is a bit of an "English translation of a foreign concept" and most scientists think ancient societies couldn't possibly know about anything that we don't, thus ancients must have been describing something we already know about. And "we have nothing left to learn from them".

Lets have an open mind and try to understand where people are coming from, instead of calling them idiots when we don't understand them.

10/19/2012 9:43:24 AM


@ Bible Scientist

Nice try, but no cigar. Most of what's written in the bible is utter bullshit, so you'll have to claim the whole thing is either misunderstood and/or mistranslated. In that case, you'd be admitting that in its present form(s) it's worth nothing.

Also, please read the original idiot's (yes, she is an idiot) question. She is asking if birds today can fly as high as birds from biblical times. If that isn't an idiotic question by any standard, I'd love to know what is.

10/20/2012 1:05:14 AM

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