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(In response to a question about how members felt about a youtube video extolling exterminating whites. The original post was in all caps).

I will say this I’m not white, and although they are the cause of our problems due to the white ruled racist government system in which we live...Oh, and if you are not white you cannot be racist. Racism is a system of advantage based on race, therefore only whites can be racist. All whites are racist!! Some whites are passive racist (those who don’t try to be change the system), some are advocate or pro racist (those who try to reinforce the racist system in which we live), then there are those who are anti-racist (those who are against the racist government structure and trying to change it), none the less racist because they receive the benifts and privileges that go along with living in racist government system.

Huey Freeman, Moviecodec 42 Comments [2/1/2008 2:41:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Laura

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All whites are racist, so this quote shouldn't be here. Despite what whites propagandize there is no such thing as reverse-racism

2/1/2008 5:10:42 PM


So, what says you of the South African government so far? Pretty racist practices there, huh? Zimbabwe? What about the Japanese? I shouldn't expect much critical thought out of someone who uses the name of a boondocks character as their callsign.

2/1/2008 6:20:54 PM


Yeah, I've heard this argument before. From a black guy who was going on about how inferior Native Americans were. When I challenged him, I was the racist. When I pointed out that the same things had been said about blacks, his argument was "well it's not true about blacks, it IS true about Indians".

2/1/2008 6:22:32 PM


Umn... no. If you're actively against racism, even if you are handed the benefits, that does not make you racist. You did not seek to gain from racism, nor to promote it or even continue to allow it's existence. It just does. And it has nothing to do with you. Dickweed.

2/1/2008 7:34:28 PM


"All whites are racist!!"
"there are those who are anti-racist (those who are against the racist government structure and trying to change it)"


2/1/2008 7:50:49 PM

Following your stupid logic, all men are rapists, or all Muslims are killers, or all blacks are bulglars............

2/1/2008 8:39:41 PM


"All whites are racist..."

You know, that's really offensive. Some might even call it racist.

2/1/2008 11:41:43 PM


Huey Freeman on why he's a racist.

2/2/2008 5:24:29 AM

Reverend Davidius

Racism is one person's hatred of a group or groups of people strictly based on their heritage. By saying that all whites are racist with no exception, you yourself become a racist.

2/2/2008 5:27:12 AM


You're a racist fag....

2/2/2008 12:50:31 PM


Go to Alabama. You'll see a guy named Bubba living in a shack with a broken window. Sitting next to it is a rusted truck sitting on cinder blocks. Tell him about all of the advantages he's getting from being born white in the racist U.S.

No, better yet, talk to any South African. You don't know what Racism is.

2/2/2008 4:48:20 PM


So suddenly I'm racist for being born with a specific heritage and skin color? I didn't ask to be part of the 'racist' group, I was born into it!

2/2/2008 9:34:42 PM


Oh, the irony!

2/3/2008 9:58:45 AM


XD giggles!

2/4/2008 3:04:39 AM

Old Viking

Huey's debating skills have failed to progress beyond "All whites are racists."

2/4/2008 8:07:24 PM



2/4/2008 8:10:35 PM


Change your name, "Huey Freeman". Don't you DARE use that character's name.

2/4/2008 11:28:06 PM

Don'tLookBehindYou: Yeah, use of that name by this guy is even worse than the post itself... :-(

2/5/2008 1:23:59 AM

Mattural Selection

Sooo... A black guy saying "All white people are lying, cheating, stealing crackers" isn't racist? Well, I'm glad we cleared that up.

Man, you should hear some of the things that the aboriginals in Musgrave Park yell at us as we walk passed them. I've never heard anyone being as hateful as that, not even in a Tarantino movie.

2/5/2008 7:30:53 AM

Blayze Kohime

One of the great ironies of our time is how racists call whoever they are racist against racists.
That sentence hurt to say.

2/5/2008 6:43:46 PM


I will say this, I'm not white, but you're a racist moron. And I concur with everyone else about your handle; unless your name is actually 'Huey Freeman' (which I doubt)you obviously don't know the character and should be changed.

2/7/2008 7:49:01 AM


Huey Freeman is a character in a TV show lol

2/7/2008 3:39:06 PM

@ Uh. . .

2/7/2008 10:36:01 PM

So what about all those abolitionists who were white? What about all those white civil rights workers who were killed as well as blacks during the Civil Rights Movement?

What about all those Sudanese women who are raped and/or killed by the Janjaweed who call them "n*****s", but are black as well? What about ethnic tribal warfare in Rwanda?

Hate to break it to you, but anyone can be racist, no matter what their color. Bigotry and kindness do not each belong to different races exclusively. Is every German a Nazi? Is every Russian a communist? Yes, whites unfortunately have a long history of racism, but that doesn't mean that every white person is a racist. You fail.

2/9/2008 8:32:12 PM


Can we look for more racist quotes plz?

2/10/2008 1:29:54 AM

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