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secular scientists even acknowledge the idea of a global flood

KingDesra, total war forums 57 Comments [2/2/2008 5:11:59 PM]
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No, they don't. Your pastor lied to you. I suggest you start praying for their soul

2/2/2008 5:16:38 PM

Quantum Mechanic


2/2/2008 5:17:39 PM


Name one.

2/2/2008 5:31:10 PM

Angel Kaida

Uh. I mean, I acknowledge the idea of a flying monster made of spaghetti. Acknowledging that the idea exists isn't the same as believing it's true.

2/2/2008 5:31:20 PM

Redefining terms is an easy way to avoid giving explanations of a patently false premise.

2/2/2008 5:42:29 PM


Right, about 4 billion years ago there was a flood which lasted about 200 million years. You point being?

2/2/2008 5:49:42 PM


Name one. On the other hand I'll name seven hundred who don't. And they all begin with Steve.

2/2/2008 5:57:24 PM

No. No we don't.

2/2/2008 6:00:56 PM


Lying for Jesus are we?

2/2/2008 6:02:55 PM


Name them now.

We're waiting.

2/2/2008 6:05:32 PM


[citation needed]

2/2/2008 6:06:28 PM


Yes they do.

They acknowledge that the idea of a global flood exists, because it's kind of hard to discredit something that doesn't exist.

2/2/2008 6:23:21 PM


does it hurt when you pull such nonsense out of your ass?

2/2/2008 6:25:24 PM


Another theistfuck lying for Jeebus.

2/2/2008 6:39:17 PM

cool cats

2/2/2008 6:42:31 PM

D Laurier

Please name one

2/2/2008 6:44:13 PM


I actually think there was a big flood, since it appears in several mythologies. Of course, it wasn't as big as they say, but it probably happened.

2/2/2008 6:48:50 PM


Yeah, but none of them believe it.

2/2/2008 6:53:18 PM

Mr. Tambourine Man

You see, when what you consider "the entire world" is smaller than many modern day countries, it doesn't take much flooding for it to seem to have flooded the entire world.

2/2/2008 7:18:43 PM


Even if you melt the polar caps you'd still not have enough water to cover every last piece of land.

2/2/2008 7:37:46 PM


Noooooo! Stupid people, playing my favoritist games ever!

(Seriously, the Total War series is teh awesome. And requires some intelligence to play. Dunno where this guy comes in.)

2/2/2008 7:54:24 PM


2/2/2008 7:59:42 PM

Old Viking

There were floods. Still are. (Big Whoop.) No global flood acknowledged by science or anyone with common sense.

2/2/2008 8:17:26 PM


Like who? Really. Give me a name.
I hope your proof isn't the movies The Day after Tomorrow or Waterworld either.

2/2/2008 8:18:08 PM

Count Spatula

Lying for Jesus

2/2/2008 8:30:34 PM

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