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"Genesis is so much fun. You get to read how God made the Earth in seven days. But I wonder, like, about the dinosaurs. I don't get it. God made part of the earth on the first day, so maybe that's when the dinosaurs lived ..."

Serena Williams quoted during the Australian Open:, FDST 62 Comments [2/3/2008 11:15:59 PM]
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2/3/2008 11:18:04 PM


Honey, it was written by Bronze Age goat herders. Any meaning in the Genesis story is purely allegorical.

@ Ozymandias: My thoughts exactly.

2/3/2008 11:19:49 PM


To paraphrase the Dixie Chicks, "Shut up and play."

2/3/2008 11:21:47 PM


Stick to tennis love.

2/3/2008 11:23:29 PM

Old Viking

Fun? De gustibus non disputandum est.

2/3/2008 11:43:27 PM


Only Genesis that I know that is any fun was the Sega Genesis!

2/3/2008 11:51:33 PM

Doctor Whom

There are other creation myths that are a lot more fun, like the one in which a lonely deity masturbated the world into existence, and are every bit as true as Genesis (i.e., not at all). Also, the priests of some other religions covered their tracks better and didn't include two mutually contradictory stories back to back.

2/4/2008 12:00:53 AM


Yet athletes are role=models to some people...

2/4/2008 12:04:29 AM


Regardless of who it is, this is just fundie with a side order of ditziness.

2/4/2008 12:10:43 AM


She's absolutely right! She doesn't get it.

2/4/2008 12:29:43 AM


Fuck! This is why people who have no idea what they're talking about, SHOULDN'T TALK!

Shut up and just play tennis until you learn some science. THEN we'll listen to you.

2/4/2008 12:30:06 AM



2/4/2008 12:33:20 AM



2/4/2008 12:38:24 AM

Deep Search

Wow. I would've assumed this was said by a seven year old, sorry to say.

2/4/2008 12:43:06 AM


More proof that sports stars are, for the most part, certifiable dumbasses (not that we lacked proof already).

2/4/2008 12:45:12 AM


Play tennis. STFU about science.

2/4/2008 12:47:17 AM


Play tennis, STFU about evolution.

2/4/2008 12:53:43 AM


Play tennis, STFU

2/4/2008 1:20:38 AM

Reverend Davidius

"If you have to ask, you'll never know."

A phrase my friends used on me when I used to ask dumb questions.

2/4/2008 1:25:23 AM


You'd do better to play tennis. And study science before you make a claim like that

2/4/2008 1:34:54 AM

Mattural Selection

"God put those (fossils) here to test our faith."
"I think god put you here to test my faith dude." - Bill Hicks

2/4/2008 1:46:37 AM


Hehe, the dinosaurs got pretty big in one day, didn't they?

2/4/2008 1:46:45 AM


Reverend Davidius, your friends sound like a bunch of assholes.

2/4/2008 2:12:28 AM

Red Cat

I'm amazed that no one has yet pointed out that, according to the Wholly Babble, the Big Sky Fairy made the Earth in SIX days.

Serena, stay the fuck out of my country unless you can confine your activities to playing tennis.

2/4/2008 2:14:44 AM


Fuck she's dumb!

2/4/2008 2:19:49 AM

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