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Yes, but not all muslims are bad Midnightcry.
Its the islamic muslims that you need to watch out for, there is a huge difference.

Saved405, Rapture Ready 74 Comments [2/4/2008 2:04:12 PM]
Fundie Index: 12

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David B.

Yup, those good ol' Southern Baptist muslims don't ever trouble nobody!

2/4/2008 2:05:43 PM


I can't rate this ..... brainiac is not on the scale.

2/4/2008 2:16:27 PM


And the "huge difference" is?

2/4/2008 2:18:50 PM

I wonder if there is still some fundy dictionary and what the say for the entry Islam and Muslim.

2/4/2008 2:24:34 PM


Oh, that is beautiful!

2/4/2008 2:27:56 PM

Hawker Hurricane

There are non-Islamic Muslims?

2/4/2008 2:28:04 PM

Mister Spak

So it must be the atheist muslims who aren't as bad.

2/4/2008 2:30:52 PM


I would have to assume Savvy counts all born in Muslim countries Muslims, but only the believing as Islamic.

Still, doesn't quite add up because that kinda makes them atheists.

2/4/2008 2:39:41 PM


Oh, come on, people. It's just a tyop, surely? If he meant 'Islamist' then there's nothing wrong with what he said.

2/4/2008 2:56:05 PM



2/4/2008 2:56:51 PM


Yes, but not all Christians are bad Midnightcry.
Its the Christians fundamentalists fanatics that you need to watch out for, there is a huge difference.

I fixed it .

2/4/2008 3:04:37 PM


Maybe it's a "The only good A is a dead A" joke.

2/4/2008 3:12:21 PM



2/4/2008 3:16:43 PM


Actually, I suppose he may have meant "Islamist" ...

2/4/2008 3:25:41 PM


I think you mean "Islamist", buddy. That means the extremists, which are indeed dangerous. Such as all extremists, including Christian ones.

2/4/2008 3:34:12 PM

Reverend Davidius

Muslims ARE Islamic
I think you're trying to say Muslim Fundy Extreemists

2/4/2008 3:48:55 PM

Zoony The Lazoon

I'd call "Poe" on this if it wasn't from Rapture Ready.

These people are allowed to vote, have children, drive cars and carry guns, you know.......

2/4/2008 4:01:15 PM

Doctor Whom

Confusing "Islamist" with "Islamic" is rather ignorant, but not fundy, at least by the standards of Rupture Ready.

2/4/2008 4:06:18 PM


Expelled! (no intelligence allowed!)

Just found out why there's not many dissenting voices on our favorite rapture ready forum - I just got a lifetime ban for 'no reason' after one post!

2/4/2008 4:33:02 PM

Pedantic Twit

That's just, ... I mean, the thing is ... But really, you do know ...

Fuck. That's it. If this is the standard of intelligence in the evangelical community, a community that represents a large block of votes in our nation, then we are utter bereft of hope.

I would weep for the future, but that might give them the impression that I'm gay and weak and womanly, so I'll just go get a cup of coffee and drown my sorrows.


2/4/2008 4:33:11 PM


I think he means 'islamist' muslims.

2/4/2008 4:35:06 PM


Like in Germany circa 1930s, ere you needed to watch you for the Jewish Jews...

2/4/2008 4:40:35 PM

Doctor Fishcake

My favourite of 2008 so far...

2/4/2008 4:42:21 PM





Everytime I come here, if some quote doesn't confirm my streotype of fundie Christians, then it confirms my sterotype of the stupid American.

2/4/2008 4:46:46 PM


Crapture Ready: the ultimate stupidity magnet.

2/4/2008 4:50:50 PM

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