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First of all.... it must really suck to be an atheist..... to live for no purpose....to live with no true meaning in our lives. there are so many things that prove the existence of God. Nature itself even proves that there is a creator. Morality and the complexity of nature.

themac63, Christian Forums 12 Comments [7/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Darwin's Lil' Girl

We DO have a purpose. I do. To enjoy life. Why would I want a meaning?

12/26/2007 8:05:13 PM


Dear theists,

Let's pretend your assumption is true and you live forever. How does extending your life give you "meaning." Seems like that would make it even more meaningless - since you can eternally procrastinate and still have the potential to do whatever it is you wish.

12/26/2007 8:25:19 PM


Damn, I feel so unfulfilled learning all this SCIENCE. I wish I was more deluded.

9/9/2008 12:55:32 AM


I have carefully considered your offer but do not want to join your thought tax system.

9/9/2008 1:20:19 AM


Why do fundies always confuse agnosticism with atheism with nihlism? Or don't they care and it's just easier to lump us "non-believers" together in a big ball of percieved evil?

I for one do have a purpose in life: to enjoy the time I have in this world, to make it a better place for myself and others around me and to someday retire to a tropical beach filled with booze and hookers. Now tell me I don't have a purpose! ;-)

9/9/2008 1:01:58 PM

El Guapo

Au contraire, mon frere. Being an atheist rocks hard all day and all night. If your only purpose is to blindly obey some arbitrary sky-tard, I hope you enjoy that. I can listen to whatever music I like, read books that I think are interesting, view art without shame, sample the vast smorgasboard of human ideals without worrying that I am being judged on my thoughts, learn about the world around me with a critical yet open mind, live without fear of demons, fairies, leprechauns, Jesus, etc., and realize at the end of each day that my actions were my own, and that no supernatural bully has me by the crotch-hairs. Further, I tend to beat the church crowd to Denny's on Sunday morning.

@ MArcus: Word.

9/9/2008 2:13:40 PM


@El Guapo: Back at ya, bro. [knuckle bump]

9/9/2008 8:54:40 PM


Pardon me. I believe my life is what I make it, and I find it quite liberating not to be held down by a misogynistic god and his equally misogynistic fan club. Thanks.

P.S. El Guapo: Arriving first at restaurants is merely an added bonus, but it freakin' rocks. :)

10/14/2009 3:39:14 PM


So says the one who's sole purpose in life is to wait around for some imaginary being to whisk them off to some imaginary place.

10/14/2009 7:03:39 PM

Silly Christians

I live my life. That is my purpose.
What the hell is yours? O-o
I mean.. If you're main goal is the after life.. WHY are you still alive?!

3/9/2010 5:16:49 AM


Wait you live your lives praising and thanking God on your knees, having your prayers go unheeded, and closing your eyes and ears to the huge amount of suffering you neither want to think or do anything about, in hope of an afterlife consisting of an eternity doing exactly the frikkin' same!

And you're saying our lives suck?!

3/9/2010 5:34:25 AM


"First of all.... it must really suck to be an atheist..."

Not as much as 'believing' in a nonexistent invisible sky pixie, nor wasting good living time in 'worshipping' said nonexistent invisible sky pixie, nor 'hoping' that there's an 'afterlife', or thinking that doing good deeds will get you to a so-called 'Heaven'.

We don't do any of that. We live our lives, which is the Reason for Living. We base our morals on the simple philosophy of 'Treat others as you'd like them to treat you' and 'I wouldn't like being killed/harmed, nor my property stolen/damaged, so why should I do that to others?', 'Be good for goodness' sake' and all that jazz.

Plus, I get a nice lie-in on a Sunday morning. Feels good having an extra few hours in bed whilst you piss about wasting your time in getting ready for, and going to, a place where you waste further time 'praising' something that doesn't exist.

Watching/reading/wearing/eating/doing/thinking what I want, with no dogmatic 'rules' telling me what to do. Because religion has no right to tell me what to do.

Which is why being an Atheist is superior to all that 'religion' bullshit.

3/9/2010 8:43:43 AM

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