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Muslim medical students are refusing to obey hygiene rules brought in to stop the spread of deadly superbugs, because they say it is against their religion.

Women training in several hospitals in England have raised objections to removing their arm coverings in theatre and to rolling up their sleeves when washing their hands, because it is regarded as immodest in Islam.

Universities and NHS trusts fear many more will refuse to co-operate with new Department of Health guidance, introduced this month, which stipulates that all doctors must be "bare below the elbow".

The measure is deemed necessary to stop the spread of infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, which have killed hundreds.

Female Muslim Medical Students, The Telegraph 80 Comments [2/5/2008 2:22:27 PM]
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Submitted By: Dave

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Mister Spak

This is why islam rules the world.

2/5/2008 2:25:14 PM


Well, you can't be a doctor, then. Tough. You can pick another career, or another religion. Your choice.

2/5/2008 2:40:18 PM


if this was in a different paper I wouldn't believe it. I still don't really believe it in the torygraph.

Could this not be countered with gloves that cover the arms as well as the hands?

2/5/2008 2:42:13 PM


Well, you can't be a doctor, then. Tough. You can pick another career, or another religion. Your choice.

Absolutely. This is just like those christian fundy pharmacists who refuse to dispense doctor-prescribed medications.

If you are not willing to do the tasks that the job requires, you should choose another job.

2/5/2008 2:45:45 PM

Mister Spak


No because they would have to remove the mummy wrapping to put the gloves on. In the interval between taking mummy wrappings off and putting gloves on they would have naked arms.

2/5/2008 2:51:51 PM


Religion over practical thinking? Or Darwin award?

2/5/2008 3:00:11 PM


The insane things people do for religion, huh?

Well, I have to go eat my savior's flesh and drink his blood because I'm a zombie vampire....

2/5/2008 3:01:49 PM


Then I would suggest they do the following: turn in their lab coats and stethoscopes as they leave the building.

2/5/2008 3:09:27 PM

Septic Sceptic

Yay! Superbugs for everyone! 'Tis the will of Allah!

And this is in the UK no less. Don't we have a reputation as an evil, secular, socialist hellhole to uphold?

2/5/2008 3:11:05 PM


@Mister Spak

Yep, but the change could be done in private.

Other than that...
Perhaps they could go practice in fundie states, where people apparently have superhuman immune systems.

2/5/2008 3:25:44 PM


I agree with the sentiments expressed here. No matter how open minded or tolerant you are, you simply can't make exceptions for irrational beliefs or cultural conditioning in situations as important as this. If you're willing to increase the risk to patients' lives in any way for something as comparatively trivial as culturally imposed prudery, you either need to be fired immediately, or at the very least transferred to some position where your willful lack of objectivity can't do any damage. Go work in admin and shuffle papers about, or something.

How on earth you could even conceive that visual modesty might ever be more important than professional integrity is utterly beyond me.

2/5/2008 3:28:58 PM

Madame Scarlet

I say that if you are unwilling to do any required part of a job due to your religious beliefs, you should find another job.

Christians opposed to giving out Plan B? DON'T FUCKING BE A PHARMACIST!

Muslims opposed to wearing certain clothes? DON'T FUCKING BE A DOCTOR!

2/5/2008 3:32:04 PM


What's worse is that these fuckwits are medical students being trained at the taxpayers (i.e. my) expense.

I'd give them two choices - go train in a country where this bullshit is acceptable or just generally fuck off.

2/5/2008 3:34:04 PM


If you can't do the job don't

2/5/2008 3:35:34 PM

Don't worry. When five or six of the girls get infected with this bug, they will reconsider their notions of modesty. According to my muslim friends, one of the problems they have is adapting the ridiculous religious demands their parents and their communities think "halal", that is, permitted. However, when they discover that it's not worth the effort not benefitting from science for a whimsical interpretation of their faith they stop.

2/5/2008 3:44:29 PM


I wonder is muslim females can only be operated on by female doctors, and even then covered in garb, not surgical gowns.

2/5/2008 3:46:52 PM


there are other jobs for doctors. Perhaps surgery isn't their calling.

2/5/2008 3:46:53 PM

"You can pick another career, or another religion. Your choice. "


2/5/2008 4:03:34 PM

Mister Spak


So we should rearrange how hospitals are run to accomodate thier primitive superstition?

I vote for sending them to fundie states where they won't have a problem with naked arms. Of course there is the disease problem, but that's what they get when they live in an islamic paradise.

2/5/2008 4:07:39 PM

D Laurier

If this is true, Then it illustrates clearly just how far the reversal of roles between islam and christianity has become in the past 500 years.

2/5/2008 4:11:29 PM

David B.

Isn't it interesting that the Muslim requirement for 'modesty' disappears faster than a Bedouin's camel on party night when they fall sick. I can't remember the last time I heard of a Muslim woman refusing to be operated on for religious reasons.

Oh wait, yes I can. Never!

2/5/2008 4:12:27 PM

Mister Spak

David B.:

There have been cases of muslim men physically assaulting doctors in France because they examined their wife during a medical emergency.

2/5/2008 4:14:20 PM


I used to think Christian fundies were the worst kind.
Man, was I wrong.

2/5/2008 4:14:53 PM


If someone has this little concern for the health and well-being of others, then medicine is the wrong profession for that person.

Time for an ultimatum: follow the hygiene procedures or else, expulsion from the program. Tenets of some batshit religion be damned.

2/5/2008 4:24:05 PM


Pick another career. Orthodox Jews forgo certain careers for their beliefs - why not Muslims?

2/5/2008 4:25:32 PM

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