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There is a specific genetic marker for Jews and I think the fact that you are against this shows up in your bias against the findings... When I described you had blinders on is valid. You need to take them off and look at the facts.

Becky, Rapture Ready 6 Comments [7/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Some Random Guy

Actually, there is something called the 'cohen' gene - it's a genetic marker that shows up mostly in groups of Ashkenazi jews (that's jews who lived in Germany and Poland), some shephardim (jews who lived in Spain) and African Jews - dunno about the Chinese/Japanese/Indian groups.
It's inherited from the kohanim - the priest class of jews who were only supposed to marry each other. However, this gene does not show up in all people of Jewish ancestry, and cannot determine if a person is Jewish - they might just have a Jewish ancestor they don't even know about, or may be a convert, or may be pure ethnic jew going back millenia - but with no cohen genes in their ancestry.
Other than that, jews as a group are pretty diverse - the African ones look african, the asian/indian ones look like their asian and indian neighbours, the ones from Europe are sometimes blond and blue-eyed, and so on.
This isn't especially fundy, actually. Just so long as she doesn't think this marker can be used to see if a specific person is jewish (it will show up in a large enough sample, but a given individual might not have it).
Of course, it's from Rapture Ready, so the person saying this is almost certainly fundy, and probably couldn't appreciate the nuances of the 'genetic marker' idea outlined above. Still, not too fundy, and hopefully not anti-semitic.

8/28/2008 11:52:56 AM

Darth Vader... For Freedom

I don't know if this is scientific or not, but if it's going to appear anywhere, it should appear in RSTDT. I refuse to rate items that are placed in the wrong category. If I were to rate this quote on relative "fundyness," I would have to give it a one, since there's no religious content. If I were rating it on the basis of racial content, then the rating might be higher.

8/28/2008 12:06:12 PM

Darth Vader... For Freedom

Some Random, in the world of Rapture Ready, hook noses and beady eyes are probably "genetic markers" of a Jew.

8/28/2008 12:06:43 PM


Crapture Ready has blinders round its intellect.
If you take them off, you will find parrot droppings.

8/28/2008 2:34:35 PM


There is a specific genetic marker for Rapture Ready posters. It's an IQ below room temperature in an igloo, in mid-January.

12/21/2010 1:42:46 AM


I can see how specific Jewish communities have shared genes that turn up with greater frequency within the group than in the general public (Tay-Sachs for instance), but that doesn't make the genes Jewish-exclusive.

Last time I checked there doesn't seem to be specific gene that codes from Judaism though...

12/22/2010 1:41:23 AM

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