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It is not up to the "rich white churches" in the community to make blacks feel "accepted". That's ridiculous. I know some African American "Christians", and if these at Obama's church are anything like the ones I know, they are substituting Christian principles for the color of their skin, and the "pity us" agenda. They need to get their own houses in order, and put their principles in place. You never know what kind of blessings are waiting for those that have first what should be first. And, it should not be skin.

Blacks are afforded every bit of opportunity as whites in this country...sometimes more. I'm tired of the rhetoric that they are not.

HisAlways, Rapture Ready 13 Comments [2/13/2008 4:40:31 PM]
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D Laurier

And what country is that????

2/13/2008 7:31:54 PM

Old Viking

Yes, there's no reason to expect churches to get involved in this sort of thing.

2/13/2008 9:33:09 PM

Fed Up

Fundie, not racist.

2/13/2008 9:45:42 PM

It's funny. I thought that combat racism, which is one of the worst kind of hate, and helping the poor(many black people are, much more than whites)was part of putting their things in order, at least with Jesus. Ah yes, for you it's only the homosexual agenda and few things else.

2/13/2008 10:34:06 PM

Um... Wow.

This isn't racist. The only place I could see an argument was "I know some African American 'Christians'"

2/15/2008 7:53:38 PM


As much as it pains me to say it, I actually mostly agree with that last statement. There are a few bastions of racism out there, but I've never seen evidence of the kind of American racist epidemic that people like Al Sharpton would have us believe in. It's the sweeping generalizations about all black churches that makes this racist, but even then it's not over-the-top like some of the other posts on here.

2/16/2008 4:44:07 AM


Well, in terms of Britain (Can't say the same for America, don't live there) Black people do have an unequal bias against them, yes things are put in place to aid them, but you can't "make" someone like black people, or tolerate them & if an employer doesn't want to employ a black person (Or Iraqi, hispanic or w/e) then they won't.

This kind of racism is a little more grey than the conventional fundie thing or basic Black = fail kind of thing, (Obvious racism) if you give black people a "weapon" (this is figuratively of course) that only black people can use to say Keep a job, like accuse there white employer of being racist, then they will use it... It's simple as that (& it does happen in Britain, seen it countless times when i use to work in a warehouse)

Saying that blacks have the exact same oppertunity as whites is obvious bull**** (Can i swear here?) It's harder to get a job as a black man, & if i was black, & i needed my (low class underpaid often agency-work) job to feed my family i would plead racism in a second if it meant keeping myself employed, considering once you are jobless it would be considerably harder to get a job, no less feed your family.

2/17/2008 1:46:51 AM


You're tired of the rhetoric? I'm tired that it's still a real issue. I think my concern is the more pressing one.

2/18/2008 2:14:21 AM


While the whole of the passage is flawed, I have to agree with the last sentence.

2/18/2008 10:09:21 PM

Blayze Kohime

This person appears to believe that all underprivileged people are that way because they are bad people.

2/19/2008 4:39:29 PM


I have to say this: I agree with the last sentence. Congratulations universe, you win. I agree with a racist fundie, even if it was on the last sentence.

2/20/2008 1:41:30 AM

Maester Seymour's Mother

Lies, lies, damn lies.

2/22/2008 3:33:48 AM


And people like you are the first to be fair in offering opportunity and respect, right? And that's why you know they are given every opportunity and more; you're so willing to give it.

3/4/2008 11:41:48 PM

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