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Everything I say to folks can be backed up with a PLAIN reading of scripture. If its a tougher issue with seemingly contradictory passages I will simply state that all passages are true and I have little or no understanding of the true nature of them, hence anything I say is in line with the bible.

Follower of Christ, Christian Forums 5 Comments [7/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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(TRANSLATION) Everything I say can be attributed to severe schitzophrenia. If you have a tougher issue, one that has arisen sometime in the last 2000 years since the last book of god, tough shit. I mean, I can bend the old books to fit any problem, even passages that are out of context if you read the whole verse. I don't know what I'm saying or what it means, hence I am a deluded, weak-willed, follower of anyone who can talk about things that I cannot grasp with my third grade education. So there.

6/16/2006 8:34:39 AM


So...you haven't REALLY read the Bible, then.

1/17/2008 5:30:53 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Never actually read that pathetic pile of forgery, have you?

7/31/2012 7:11:05 AM


Unless you were talking about what it says in the Bible, the Bible is irrelevant.

9/14/2012 12:59:20 AM


"...hence anything I say is in line with the bible."

- THAT'S the problem! Anyone can say anything they want to and then point to some obscure passage in the bible and say, "See! God agrees with me on this!" And, if the bible doesn't say what you want it to explicitly, you can say that it is implied. That's how the anti-abortion crowd maintains its illusion of doing god's will, even though there isn't a single passage in the bible which condemns abortion.

Because of this, the bible is useless as a moral guide. Furthermore, its value to science (except maybe cultural anthropology) and historical study is nearly negligible. In short Follower, by relying on the bible, you are relying on broken tools.

9/14/2012 6:40:51 AM

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