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Site/Off-topic discussion thread 2   2016 Fundie of the Year Nominations!

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Are we ready to have all blacks in the Streets if Osama..i mean Obama gets the presidency?...Imagine if O.J. was declared innocent after a DNA that said "ONE in a billion would want those people deads"...what we can expect of deads by Blacks? I had a Dream...
that was about a black never been a President of USA
as God told me in my Dream.

Larry Allen, MSNBC 17 Comments [2/24/2008 9:51:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: HolyAtheist
WTF?! || meh



IS this guy saying black DNA can speak or kills people or that black people are hiding until Obama wins the presidency?

This statement is so non-sensical I don't even know how I should respond to it. About the only thing that clued me into this guy's message is that he thinks God is talking to him.

2/24/2008 9:58:23 PM

I don't know, Larry. Did we have all Catholics in the streets when JFK became president?

2/24/2008 11:49:34 PM

Old Viking

Very well said, Larry. (Can anyone tell me what the hell he did say?)

2/25/2008 1:07:01 AM


Are we ready to have all blacks in the Streets
Why where are they now?

if Osama..i mean Obama gets the presidency?.
Yeah, that one doesn't get old Fairy I mean Larry. They rhyme, so it must be true.

a DNA that said "ONE in a billion would want those people deads"
Well besides the horrible English, DNA says nothing about wanting someone dead. And O.J. has not been the only celebrity to get away with murder. There's a quote (sorry can't remember who said it) "In Hollywood you don't go to jail for killing your wife, you just pay a fine".

what we can expect of deads by Blacks
WTF??? I have no idea what this could possibly mean.

I had a Dream...
that was about a black never been a President of USA

And yet you rip off a speech made by one of the greatest Black leaders in US history. Why couldn't Obahma be another MLK?

2/25/2008 1:49:02 AM


Oi, Wanker! He'd be better president than any other candinate.

2/25/2008 11:29:47 AM

So, the problem with a black president is that you can't help hating them for what they are?. Funny.

2/25/2008 4:03:05 PM

Blayze Kohime

You could have made just as much sense by pouring alphabet soup on the floor and looking for random words.

2/25/2008 6:16:04 PM

Chancellor Gorkon

Peter Griffin: My Alphabits spelled ooooooo!"

Brian: Those are Cheerios.

2/25/2008 6:21:38 PM


Can I have some of what this guy's smoking?!

2/27/2008 8:27:43 PM

Jake Steel

did you type that with your foot?

2/28/2008 12:41:22 AM


God doesn't speak in comprehensible sentences does he?

3/3/2008 12:50:32 AM


Word salad.

3/3/2008 2:20:51 PM

I wish I were 12 again, if only to be completely oblivious to dumb assholes like this.

4/9/2008 2:56:49 AM


It took a divine vision to tell you we've yet to have a black president? I can only hope one of these days Norm, the God of Common Knowledge will continue on to basic syntax.

9/23/2008 11:07:45 PM



8/17/2010 1:01:10 PM


8/18/2010 5:43:06 PM


God 0 Obama 1.

Not a great reflection on the big sky daddy who knows everything.

8/19/2010 7:10:28 AM