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Darwinism is sorcery. It first began with the gods of gaiah. Half man and half fish. Man's unhealthy imagination always wanted to worship fractionated species. This ape/man issue is not new at all.

coadie, CARM 48 Comments [2/25/2008 2:22:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Scienceman123

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Mister Spak

Worshipping zombies by eating them is obviously more sensible.

2/25/2008 2:30:20 AM


... ???

2/25/2008 2:33:10 AM


And an invisable sky farie made men from dirt is sound scientific theory?!

2/25/2008 2:34:05 AM


That's right

Evolution is secretly a furry conspiracy.

2/25/2008 2:35:21 AM


No. No. It started when people found out that fossils look nothing like the animals that are alive today.

2/25/2008 2:36:33 AM


Even by coadie's usual standards that post is total gibberish.

I can't see any point or sense to it whatsoever.

Oh, and Mr Spak wins the internets.

2/25/2008 2:40:50 AM

Sorcery would actually be worshipping a supernatural entity and expecting it to preform magical processes instead of natural ones. You know, like creating life out of blowing into mud!!

2/25/2008 2:59:43 AM


Science does not state that we are half man half ape

Science STATES that humans are one of the great apes

It has nothing to do with any form of religion (or sorcery).

However, turning water into wine, creating man out of dirt, and walking on water, are definitely forms of sorcery

2/25/2008 3:12:57 AM


Half man and half-fish? WTF? Is this something to do with worshipping Neptune? (I can never figure out if the stonecutters are really nephelim, reptilian shape-shifting space aliens, or descendants of sea-gods.)

I wonder if fish/human hybrids look like sleestaks with fish heads?

2/25/2008 3:26:24 AM


There seems to be a new "Darwin was a sorcerer" fad going around.

2/25/2008 3:46:49 AM


LOL - I read this as dwarfism ...twice

2/25/2008 3:50:17 AM


Well, dwarfism and darwinism are basically the same thing.

2/25/2008 3:51:19 AM


What the fuck.... I'm speachless...


2/25/2008 4:19:27 AM

Caustic Gnostic

There's a baboon boy in the White House, but he's been leaking his worshipness all over the place. Lame duck? How about One Lame Fuck?

The sorcery theory again. Evidence, please.

It's Gaia, btw. I would pronounce Her name properly, if I were you.

2/25/2008 4:20:48 AM


Word salad or poop soup - with coadie's posts it's always hard to tell.

2/25/2008 4:32:53 AM



that's all I can read

2/25/2008 5:59:11 AM


For once, I actually feel the stupid burning me physically.

2/25/2008 6:11:31 AM


Half man half fish?

Evolution never talks about mermen... Infact evolution distinctly states that...

1. Apes are goddamn intelligent creatures. Among the smartest to move on earth.

2. We are the smartest although you would not think so looking at the garbage that CARM has on it.

3. This is due to our unique evolution.

4. We occupy a very very interesting position on the scale of existence because we can break our evolutionary chain since we have "science". Science gave us an understanding of processes around us that we can "use" to improve our lives. No other animal shows this kind of grasp of our surroundings.

As for Ape/Man.... Look at the skeletons. We carry the same modifications. If God built man he damn well picked an ape chassis rather than something divine.

2/25/2008 7:01:03 AM


You're confusing science with make-believe.

2/25/2008 7:06:37 AM


Actually, I believe he's confusing science with fundie propaganda garbage. It's a super-special kind of make-believe.

For Darwin's sake, Coadie... it never fails to amaze me that an adult can be so painfully ignorant.

2/25/2008 8:37:47 AM


Yes, The Origin Of Species is actually a book of spells that allows atheists to plague Christians with hordes of demons that are half-man/half-fish. Once you replace the fish symbols on the back of your car with half-man/half-fish symbols, our plans for world domination will have been realized.

2/25/2008 8:47:21 AM


"Darwinism is sorcery"

Haven't heard this one before, glad to see the fundtards are capable of inventing new bullshit.

2/25/2008 10:59:50 AM


This keeps getting more intresting!

2/25/2008 11:13:42 AM


I think the half-man half-fish idea went out of fashion with PT Barnum's Feeje Mermaid.

Needless to say, what is coadie smoking, and more the point where can I get some?

2/25/2008 11:22:06 AM



2/25/2008 11:29:24 AM

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