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any woman is capable of being pregnant. Even if she is sterile there is still possibility. In marriage whenever there is sex there is ALWAYS possibility to life. If that possibility is taken away, then it can't be a valid marriage because of procreation.

Renton405, CF 60 Comments [2/25/2008 3:19:59 PM]
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big baby jesus

so your god cant get around a tiny little layer of plastic? what an impotent bastard

2/25/2008 3:25:28 PM

big baby jesus

wait, im really confused

if pregnancy is always possible then how can that be taken away

2/25/2008 3:26:05 PM


Even if she is sterile there is still a possiblity?


2/25/2008 3:26:10 PM


Even if she has a *something*-ectomy?

2/25/2008 3:32:18 PM

David B.

Yes, it's never the man who's incapable with you fundies is it?

Still, good for the wife...

Wifey: Darling, great news! I'm pregnant!
Hubby: But the hospital said my sperm count was the lowest they've ever seen?!
Wifey: Isn't God wonderful?
Hubby: In fact they said it was minus! People actually get less fertile by being near me!
Wifey: We have been truly blessed.
Hubby: You've been seeing someone else haven't you?
Wifey: (outraged) Darling! Remember what Renton405 said on Christian Forums, any woman is capable of being pregnant!
Hubby: Yeah, but...
Wifey: Whenever there is sex there must be the possibility of new life of it would stop being procreation and become sin.
Wifey: (narrows eyes) You must have believed that we could make a baby or you would have been sinning by 'knowing' me!
Hubby: Err, quite.
Wifey: So be happy for us. God has been very kind.
Hubby: You're right! I'm sorry I doubted you. Oh, I hope it's a boy!
Wifey: Yes, then we can call it Errol.
Hubby: Errol? But that's the pool-man's name?!
Wifey: (casually) Really? I didn't know that.

2/25/2008 3:42:56 PM


THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!! I AM SAVED!!!!!!! I knew they were wrong when they told me the total hysterectomy would leave me unable to bear children. Those lying heathens!!!! No ovaries and no uterus but I will multiply!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!

2/25/2008 3:43:46 PM



2/25/2008 3:48:50 PM


"If that possibility is taken away, then it can't be a valid marriage because of procreation."

<sarcasm>Yes, because EVERYONE knows the puropose of marriage is procreation<sarcasm>.

To ScienceDT,

Technically, the definition of being infertile, is merely that the women didn't get pregnant after a year of contraceptive-free intercourse. There are women who are "sterile" who end up with a child. My 5th grade teacher was one.

But this fact doesn't really do much to detract from the stupidity of the post.

2/25/2008 3:49:22 PM

Sterile means that she can't have children because her organs and hormones don't work, as opposed to fertile women.It's not a choice, IT'S NATURE. For whatever reason. Did you go to the English class lately. And to another of biology, by the way.

2/25/2008 3:53:05 PM

Caustic Gnostic

all wimming are nuttin more than broodmares, and sterile broodmares deserve no joy at all.

2/25/2008 3:53:58 PM


wow, the stupid...it burns!

2/25/2008 3:57:26 PM


Thank you Eileen. Given that defintion of 'sterility', then I understand your point.

The word 'sterile' implies to me an absolute - that a person is truly incapable of reproduction, not that it hasn't occurred after a year. However, I defer to the medical community's definition.

2/25/2008 4:02:30 PM


Strange how it's so often the fundies who seem to think there's no point to marriage other than basic sex and reproduction; yet they invariably accuse atheists of caring nothing about love or higher things in adult relationships (appreciating another person's intellect and character, facing life's trials together and supporting each other, etc) and wanting nothing but sex for pleasure, which they denounce as a sin. Evidently sharing sexual pleasure with one you love is included in that list of unnecessary components for a relationship.

2/25/2008 4:05:00 PM

Mister Spak

If there is no possibility of pregnancy there is still a possibility of pregnancy? Do you know what the word 'no' means?

2/25/2008 4:07:46 PM


soup greed green bread, licorice rant fundie pie.

Made about as much sense

BTW look up the definition of sterile.....

2/25/2008 4:11:24 PM


Sterile means she can't conceive, you moronic sack of crap.

I would be terrified of any fundie with a medical license. Thankfully, most can't even tie their shoes without drooling all over themselves and praising god for it.

2/25/2008 4:23:38 PM


Even if she is sterile there is still possibility.

Methinks someone needs to look up the meaning of STERILE.

That said, I suppose he means serving as a surrogate, but still...

2/25/2008 4:51:13 PM


It's really unfortunate that your mother was capable of becoming pregnant. In fact you could be a poster child for the use of contraceptives.

2/25/2008 4:52:04 PM


May you become sterile. Let's see what happens.

2/25/2008 4:52:42 PM

Septic Sceptic

David B:

"Hubby: In fact they said it was minus! People actually get less fertile by being near me!"

That post was 700 varieties of win, but this line nailed me :-D

2/25/2008 5:01:22 PM



2/25/2008 5:05:55 PM


Yeah but when you use condoms there is a small chance too. So that means its ok to use condoms, rigth? Especially since the chance to get pregnant is greater with condoms than, say, sterility.

2/25/2008 5:09:05 PM


You know, with that attitude, I'm pretty sure ANY marriage is more valid than yours.

2/25/2008 5:10:29 PM


"Even if she is sterile there is still possibility."

No there isn't, what do you think sterile means?

2/25/2008 5:13:11 PM

Blayze Kohime

Actually its possible to genetically construct an offspring to any two people without sex occurring at all. Welcome to the future.

2/25/2008 5:29:32 PM

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