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evolution. if you believe we evolved, than a child is nothing. WE are nothing. we're just a piece of protoplasm that washed up on the beach millions of years ago.

thats why I am so opposed to the evolutionary theory

ChrisLeonard86, Christian Teen Forums 79 Comments [2/27/2008 2:21:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen

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Strawmen! Get your fresh, shit-smelling straw-men!

2/27/2008 2:28:45 AM


I'm so tired of people who simply cannot comprehend the possibility that they are not hand-crafted and individually made special like paintings.

2/27/2008 2:29:55 AM


Okay, you're just a piece of protoplasm. I can live with that.

The ToE rocks!

2/27/2008 2:30:05 AM


Better than being a robot incapable of individual thought.

2/27/2008 2:34:26 AM


Unlike you I am not a billions of years old piece of protoplasm... I evolved.

You should try it, it comes highly recomended


2/27/2008 2:37:23 AM

Observable Reality

For humans, each individual can produce 2^23 unique gametes, so two people have 70,368,740,000,000 possible combinations. And that doesn't even include the effects of cross overs! A given individual is plenty unique, if that's all you need.

2/27/2008 2:38:06 AM


creation. if you believe we were created, than a child is nothing. WE are nothing. we're just pieces of dust that an invisible magic guy dug up on the beach six thousand years ago.

thats why I am so opposed to the creationist theory

-- fixed.

2/27/2008 2:39:53 AM


But we're not proto-plasm. We're human beings. It's the same thing, you descended from your grandparents but are you your grandparents? No, you're you. Just like how humans descended from a more primitive life form doesn't mean we are primitive life forms. Because we evolved. Jeez.

2/27/2008 2:46:11 AM



If you believe in evolution, the terrorists have won!
You don't want that, do you?!

2/27/2008 2:53:49 AM


So you don't like it?

2/27/2008 2:55:55 AM

The Devil's Advocate

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's not true. By this logic: war, disease, famine, and such can simply be ignored if they are not conducive to some idealized, happy-go-lucky reality one dreams up.

2/27/2008 2:59:04 AM

Old Viking

I was wondering all along why you were so opposed.

2/27/2008 3:01:15 AM


So in other words you can't accept the fact that in the grand scheme of things you're nothing but an insignificant dingleberry floating in the toilet bowl of life.

Megalomania is psychiatric disorder, I advise you to seek help.

2/27/2008 3:01:56 AM

The Watcher

2/27/2008 3:02:13 AM


This kid is stupid.
We are not important beings at all, he needs to know this.

2/27/2008 3:02:45 AM

Actually we the product of millions of years of evolutionary development. Too bad you are nothing.

2/27/2008 3:06:57 AM


So your against evolution, because that means your not skydaddies favorite fundie?

Poor Pookums, time to admit that skydaddy doesn't exist.

2/27/2008 3:08:24 AM

David D.G.

"evolution. if you believe we evolved, than a child is nothing. WE are nothing. we're just a piece of protoplasm that washed up on the beach millions of years ago."

No, that's exactly the opposite. Because of evolution, we are a great deal more than that now. Also, why do you say that's the case if you "believe" that we evolved? Beliefs don't determine reality. Either we did, or we didn't -- and the evidence shows overwhelmingly that we did.

Besides, what does it matter to you whether we started as dirt or as protoplasm? Dirt hardly sounds better!

"thats why I am so opposed to the evolutionary theory"

So you're stamping your foot and throwing a tantrum because this isn't the reality you ordered? Reality isn't Burger King. You don't get to have it your way. You have to take what *IS*, whether you like it or not.

~David D.G.

2/27/2008 3:12:36 AM


"WE are nothing."

Exactly. The fact that we're humans doesn't make us special. We're no different than any other animal.

Get over yourself.

2/27/2008 3:15:14 AM


Oh so you can't handle your own insignificance? Oh waaah!

2/27/2008 3:23:19 AM


Or, fuckard, we're the product of a many-billion-year process, refining life into its most desirable form.

Obviously, it's not finished yet.

2/27/2008 3:26:07 AM

Caustic Gnostic

I suppose nihilists would have a beef with the grand scheme of life, too.

What, he's not a nihilist? Is he bitter because he just had a glimpse of his true spiritual nature, and it doesn't amount to much?

Awww. Poor baby.

2/27/2008 3:28:05 AM

Oh yeah, well daddy likes me more.

2/27/2008 3:32:49 AM


You are opposed to the evolutionary theory, not because it is true or not true, but because of its implications. Yet, you claim to follow the one who said that the truth would make you free. You would not know truth if it hit you in the face.

2/27/2008 3:35:05 AM


Yeah, for me, evolution means that all of life is a self-perpetuating accident.

2/27/2008 3:38:29 AM

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