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[On an issue of abortion, someone posted a letter of someone who derived their opinion that abortion should be regulated, not completely banned, for cases like rape, incest, and that people shouldn't impose religious morals on an entire country]

"*bangs head on desk* he must believe in the whole 'separation of church and state' carp"

Nutmeg2k3, ChristianTeenForums 73 Comments [2/27/2008 4:44:30 PM]
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Submitted By: MarieChan

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Um.. where in the hell did you get that from? And what do fish have to do with anything on this?

2/27/2008 4:46:24 PM

TB Tabby

I'm picturing a man in a carp costume explaining the purpose of the separation of church and state, a la Sexual Harrassment Panda.

2/27/2008 4:47:56 PM


What ? This separation of church and state carp ?

2/27/2008 4:52:34 PM


NO.. I believe in the separation of church and State Orange Roughy.. it tastes better.

2/27/2008 5:06:56 PM

Mister Spak

I myself don't believe in the whole separation of church and state carp. I think Nutmeg2k3 should be forced to worship Allah even if he doesn't want to.

2/27/2008 5:09:37 PM


Here's my collection of Bible quotes related to abortion:

2/27/2008 5:11:33 PM


The Separation of Church and State Carp has just replaced the Easter Bunny as my very favorite holiday mascot.

It's one of those singing carp. Only it keeps fundies from getting up in your grill.

2/27/2008 5:15:15 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Bang your head a bit harder, Nut.

I'm holding out for the "Secular Humanist Abalone".

2/27/2008 5:16:35 PM


Before I became a vegetarian I ate carp - is this bad? I seperated it from the state first, but .... is it?

2/27/2008 5:20:08 PM


But carps are delicious!

2/27/2008 5:22:10 PM

David B.

Yay! Let's institute 'First Amendment Day'. An extra special holiday where good little children go out into the garden and try to find brightly-coloured facsimiles of the constitution that the Separation of Church and State Carp might have hidden there (wink)! The one who finds the most wins a chocolate fish!

Then we all retire indoors for a lovely fish dinner, but before anybody tucks in, remember, on First Amendment Day we always begin our meal by reciting the Treaty of Tripoli and giving thanks to farsighted men like Thomas Jefferson, who realised that tolerance is too important to be left in the hands of the people, since majority rule is so short a ride away from tyranny.

Actually, that's a not half bad idea. Cheers, Nutmeg!

2/27/2008 5:24:45 PM


Keep Carp-ing and banging your head on your desk like that, and you'll fall of your Perch and onto a Pike.

2/27/2008 5:28:42 PM

Fed Up

This carp makes more sense than you.

2/27/2008 5:36:48 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Hahaha - an addition to my as yet short list of FundyFavorites=

The Church and State Carp

Jesus dined on the cross

The Lard will punish you

Atheists have no morels

(I love Mexican food, and yes, the lard is punishing me)

2/27/2008 5:44:18 PM



2/27/2008 6:00:19 PM


::groaning at the puns::

For the love of cod, trout's enough!

2/27/2008 6:03:42 PM


I asked my carp what they thought of separation of church and state, he just stared at me......... So I fed him.

@ David B.
I like the idea of a National Holiday. It would be such a worthy thing to do. Beats the hell out of presidents day mass marketing.

2/27/2008 6:03:51 PM


This is normally where I'd post a half-dozen quotes from the founders that show they wanted a distinct separation of church and state from the beginning.

However, I can't help but giggle at the idea of a "Separation of Church and State Carp" and First Amendment Day. That would be a great holiday, especially if we government employees could have the day off.

2/27/2008 6:04:43 PM


Carp >> Bible-thumpers

2/27/2008 6:20:30 PM


What a load of carp!

2/27/2008 6:24:48 PM


@TB Tabby: Me too....
Nutmeg must believe in that whole "religious dominance over our entire lives" thing.

2/27/2008 6:28:46 PM

David D.G.

""*bangs head on desk* he must believe in the whole 'separation of church and state' carp"

Well, it sure beats the heck out of that "theocratic dominionist" crab.

~David D.G.

2/27/2008 6:31:13 PM


You're in the wrong country...

and if you're looking for a Christian theocracy you're in the wrong time too.

But I guess the Dark Ages sound just about right for you.

2/27/2008 6:39:15 PM


And yet, you're more than happy to fish that line up when someone mentions taxes around a church. (LOLSEEWHUTIDIDTHAR?)

2/27/2008 6:40:33 PM


Damnit, I was hoping to make a "carp" pun, but I was ninja'd. Multiple times. By everybody. In the head.

2/27/2008 6:49:39 PM

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