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[Responding to the notion Pagans use human sacrifices]

So why might I ask would you believe in a religion that has sacrificed millions of people ?

And please do not bring up the Crusades, your pagan religion has killed many more people. How many wars have Chrstians started? Not any in the past several hundred years or even more than that.

knit and pray, Topix.com 59 Comments [2/28/2008 7:31:35 PM]
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The crusades ARE a little embarassing, eh wot?

2/28/2008 7:36:48 PM


What human sacrificing religion has caused wars lately?

2/28/2008 7:39:42 PM


Now, lets see. What about the war on Irak. Would USA had attacked Irak if its main export was bananas and most of population Christians. I don't think so

2/28/2008 7:42:19 PM

Some Guy

I hear that Northern Ireland has been a fine example of peace and prosperity for most if not all of the last century because of all the Christians getting along so well.

2/28/2008 7:48:42 PM


War on Terror (but that's just a new Crusade isn't it)

Africa.... Have we considered that letting these people have birth control would be nicer than letting them have 10 kids and watch them all starve to death?

Northern Ireland

There you go, two that are killing millions of people as we type.

Should I continue?

Witch Burnings in the 1700's

Your own bible (god's a blood thirsty SOB, that's why he didn't like Cain's sacrifice of turnips).

2/28/2008 7:51:27 PM


I heard that the Yugoslavia split was quite amicable, despite the religious differences.

2/28/2008 7:52:28 PM

Doctor Whom

Insofar as Christians are less warlike than they used to be, it's that nasty old Enlightenment rationalism that's tamed them.

Nirjuana: During Gulf War I, people made a bumper sticker that asked, "Would Bush have gone to war if Kuwait's leading export were broccoli?"

2/28/2008 7:52:51 PM


It's interesting that Christianity is predicated on the traditions of a human sacrifice cult. In orthodox Christian theology, Jesus died as a blood sacrifice to appease the wrath of an angry deity called Jehovah or "God the Father." Hence, Jesus is a human sacrifice.

2/28/2008 7:53:11 PM

David D.G.

Three words: "GOTT MIT UNS."

No, that's not a Godwin, which would be comparing someone to Hitler or Naziism -- this is actually pointing it out where it's completely applicable.

~David D.G.

2/28/2008 7:54:17 PM


Where is your documentation concerning the numbers of persons sacrificed by pagans?

2/28/2008 7:57:26 PM


Darn, you got me! Just last Imbolc I sacrificed three virgins to the heathen gods and I already have some first born sons in my basement for Ostra!
I better let them go, now that knit and pray is on to me!

Actually, I knit too when I'm not sacrificing humans!

2/28/2008 8:06:52 PM


Oh, give me a break. Didn't your god command Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac? Wasn't Jesus sacrificed on the cross? And how many millions have died in the name of your god just in the last 2000 years? If you add those slaughtered in the name of your god in the pre-christian times, you have one blood-thirsty psychopath for a god.

It looks like you've forgotten Christ's admonition regarding the beam in your own eye...or maybe you're just ignoring it because it isn't convenient for you to abide by it.

2/28/2008 8:21:13 PM


2/28/2008 8:31:25 PM


So why might I ask would you believe in a religion that has sacrificed millions of people ?

"Take your son, your only son – yes, Isaac, whom you love so much – and go to the land of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will point out to you." Genesis 22:1-18

"Consecrate to me every first-born that opens the womb among Israelites, both man and beast, for it belongs to me." Exodus 13:2

"The one who has stolen what was set apart for destruction will himself be burned with fire, along with everything he has, for he has broken the covenant of the LORD and has done a horrible thing in Israel." Joshua 7:15 NLT

I'll assume that your christain, why would you belive this?

2/28/2008 8:33:05 PM

Old Viking

I had to give up paganism. Too old to keep up with the sacrifice routine. Some of those virgins put up a hell of a fight, I might add.

2/28/2008 8:38:51 PM


How many wars have Chrstians started? Not any in the past several hundred years or even more than that.

EPIC FAIL. Retard.

2/28/2008 8:43:48 PM


(start music)

The Inquisition! Let's begin!
The Inquisition! Look out sin!
We're on a mission...
To convert the Jews!

2/28/2008 8:53:40 PM


Say, wasn't that thar Hitler a Christian?

And that thar Bush?

In fact, you do own the majority of the world's population, and are always disagreeing over how many stripes the teapot has or somefuck, I would think you would have a lot of the wars, with the Islamic terrorist fundies right behind you.

Ha... Right behind you...

2/28/2008 9:00:26 PM


English civil war after the Reformation. Hell, lets not forget everything about England in the 14th-17th centuries as they decided what their national religion would be. Or would not be. And who got killed for believing what the former monarch demanded they believe. Actually, the Reformation itself is covered in blood. The blood spilled by religious conviction.

France's history is full of wars based on religion. Ever hear of the Huguenots?

Everyone clashed with the Dutch over religion.

The Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Armada.

Thirty years war.

The Saxon wars.

Northern Ireland has already been mentioned as well as Yugoslavia.

A little bit of history might help clarify much of that. Hell, even a google search would help.

2/28/2008 9:50:07 PM


Yano, the only time I can think of where pagans killed off monotheists in a politically or religiously motivated episode was the raid on Lindisfarne in 793.

2/28/2008 10:19:57 PM

Let's be honest. Pagans can't claim wars for the last 1500 years. Let alone religious wars(including Crusades), Inquisition, and the two world wars in the middle of the twentieth century. And million victims?. Bearing in mind that sacrifices were made ONLY IN EXTREME SITUATIONS, that rarely involved more than one or two individuals and that many Pagans(Sumerian, Egyptians and Romans, for example), stopped at some moment in time..........sorry, numbers don't match.

2/28/2008 10:20:02 PM


"How many wars have Chrstians started? Not any in the past several hundred years or even more than that."

Northern Ireland
English colonialists
Spanish colonialists
30 Years War

2/28/2008 10:25:39 PM



What the heck are you talking about? The US has regularly attacked banana-exporting, majority-Christian nations - that's why they're called banana republics.

2/28/2008 10:28:46 PM


Pagans do not use human sacrifice. That was made up out of whole cloth by your "Christian" leaders to try to do away with the older religions.

2/28/2008 10:31:33 PM


Hitler had a strong Roman Catholic upbringing.

2/28/2008 10:36:26 PM

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