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[On Margaret Thatcher being admitted to a hospital.]

On another note, I hope she doesn't suffer to much, but it would be pretty hypocritical for me as a Christian to hope she 'gets well soon'.

Cheyenne, Cyber Nations 46 Comments [3/10/2008 11:51:45 AM]
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To be honest, I really hate Thatcher too, but...how is it hypocritical as a Christian to hope she gets well soon? oO

3/10/2008 11:56:05 AM


Can I see the math on this one?

3/10/2008 11:57:16 AM


Um, no, that would actually be very Christian of you, whether you like her or not (heck, arguably it would be especially Christian if you don't like her and still want her to get well soon).

3/10/2008 11:59:37 AM

Mattural Selection

While I commend you on hoping she does not suffer, where in your religion does it state that you have to be a cunt and hope that she takes a while to recover?

It must be that "christian love" that I hear so much about.

3/10/2008 12:00:30 PM


Don't be an ass. Jesus healed EVERYBODY, now didn't he?

Even if Thatcher was an asshat.

3/10/2008 12:07:48 PM

Mister Spak

This must be the celebrating of life you christians do.


3/10/2008 12:09:43 PM

David B.

Since this is pretty much exactly what Jesus is supposed to have told you to do (Luke, chapter 6), you would in fact be actually following the tenets of your professed religion for once. Hence the term you are looking for isn't 'hypocritical' but 'out-of-character'. Hypocritical is what you are the rest of the time.

3/10/2008 12:10:14 PM


Someone's confused about their religion's parameters.

3/10/2008 12:28:23 PM


Christian love. It's all around us.

3/10/2008 12:37:17 PM


Feel the Christian love!

3/10/2008 12:38:25 PM

Philbert McAdamia

So the fundies' Word Redefinition Project also works on the word 'Christian'. Hah, explains a lot; maybe it was the first one to go.

3/10/2008 12:40:53 PM


'Love thy neighbor' MY ASS!

3/10/2008 12:45:27 PM


You're already a fucking hypocrite.

3/10/2008 12:48:12 PM


They'll know we're Christians by our love, eh?

3/10/2008 12:54:18 PM


Keep reading the thread, s/he says that s/he as a Christian should want her to go to heaven as soon as possible.

Everyone else was like "well, I hope you remember that when you have a terminally ill family member."

3/10/2008 1:11:10 PM


That whole "Good Samaritan" story in the Bible just went right over Cheyenne's head, didn't it?

EDIT: Ah, so she wants her to die and 'get to heaven.' Yea, that's not a sure sign of a death cult or anything.

3/10/2008 1:18:55 PM

Mr Smith

Non-Sequiter of the month nominee right there.

3/10/2008 1:30:20 PM


And what about all that love that Jebus told?

3/10/2008 1:43:59 PM


Yet another case of a christian not acting or thinking the way Jesus would've wanted them to.


3/10/2008 1:46:13 PM

Blayze Kohime

Aren't Christians suppose to love their enemies and do good to those that do evil to them? I know those are some of the less followed rules as they contradict most of the others that tell them to kill people.

3/10/2008 1:53:00 PM


You think it's Christian to want people to go to heaven as soon as possible? I hope your church doesn't pray for the sick. That would be so hypocritical.

3/10/2008 2:07:14 PM



"No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd only had good intentions; he had money as well".

Margaret Thatcher: TV interview, Weekend World, 6th Jan 1980

3/10/2008 2:15:14 PM

Mr Blur

Thatcher wax an evil hag but she won't die - she's far too mean to give people what they might want.

3/10/2008 2:25:11 PM



3/10/2008 2:39:00 PM


Guys you need to all look at context. Later on in the thread, he explained that he wouldn't want her to get well because he wanted her to go to heaven, rather than stay on earth and suffer.

He's an idiot, but not an asshole.

3/10/2008 2:41:18 PM

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