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Most Jews are ATHEISTS.

Ibere, www.stormfront.org 97 Comments [3/13/2008 5:28:13 PM]
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Man I hate this site.

3/13/2008 5:29:47 PM


Nope. Try again. And this time with more feeling!

3/13/2008 5:35:55 PM


Man I wish I knew how to put up one of those FAIL macros right now.

3/13/2008 5:36:04 PM


Oh. Those cunts.

3/13/2008 5:43:46 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Does that mean most atheists are Jewish?

3/13/2008 5:44:18 PM


Did you know that Jesus and the authors of the bible were all Jews?

You aren't going to make it to heaven (also a place first envisioned by the Jews) with that kind of attitude.

3/13/2008 5:45:13 PM

Princess Rot

3/13/2008 5:48:18 PM


What? Jesus was a Jew. Was he atheist too?

3/13/2008 5:50:19 PM


Well, it's a welcome relief from T&T's mindless ramblings (#1 on this site), but it's still...oh, what's the word? RETARDED.

3/13/2008 5:53:01 PM


I'm atheist, but my penis is still very much intact.

3/13/2008 6:03:43 PM


What a nitwit.

3/13/2008 6:07:40 PM


This guy still has no idea about what 'es typing about.

3/13/2008 6:14:19 PM


At first I thought that maybe this person could have been playing around with some of contradictory definitions of who counts as a Jew. Then I saw the source and realized that they're probably just being an ignorant fucktard.

3/13/2008 6:16:12 PM

Lady Death

Jesus was an atheist?

3/13/2008 6:23:44 PM

Mister Spak

So they must be muslims.

3/13/2008 6:29:58 PM

Septic Sceptic

Fun word game! Pick the sentence which makes the least sense!


*Most tins of soup are LAWNMOWERS.

*Most Jews are ATHEISTS.

*Most ankle bracelets are UNION JACKS.

*Most publishers are CARGO ELEVATORS.

*Most Echidnas are DERMATOLOGISTS.

*Most Native Americans are WATERCRESS.

*Most pacemakers are ASTEROIDS.

*Most tangerines are WALKING STICKS.


When you think you have the answer, write it on your tongue and post yourself to:

Septic Sceptic
Waterstone's Military History Section
Third Shelf Down
83 George Street

3/13/2008 6:43:22 PM


Arrogant and

3/13/2008 6:44:07 PM


Most Fundies are in a need of a DICTIONARY!

3/13/2008 6:46:15 PM



3/13/2008 6:53:06 PM

Grand Archblasphemer of York

And you are an IDIOT!

3/13/2008 6:59:55 PM


You forgot to call then "communists," "fascists," and "terrorists" too. You're slippin'!

(Yes, communists and fascists at the same time. I don't care that that's a contradiction. That's just how insidious they are!!)

3/13/2008 7:14:29 PM

Old Viking

It just seems that way because they're so much smarter than you.

3/13/2008 7:37:57 PM

David B.

Okay, I was going to say something funny, but I don't think I could top Old Viking.

3/13/2008 7:44:48 PM


Good for them!

3/13/2008 8:00:21 PM


The Identity principle:

x = x

The Fundie identity principle:

Some religions are not religions
Some religions are some other religions?
A relationship with God is not a religion?

3/13/2008 8:10:56 PM

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