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Thus, science does not acknowledge the concept of intentional deception, because doing so would show that compelling evidence does not necessarily have anything at all to do with reality, much less the truth. That is, compelling evidence can be easily fabricated by beings who are more intelligent than the beings who later "discover" it, and without there being any indications that the evidence is in fact a fabrication.

In other words, religious texts as well as scientific evidence are both merely illusions, courtesy of Earth's alien controllers. The Reptilians control faith and fact. As above, so below.

Truthism.com, Truthism.com 17 Comments [3/16/2008 5:53:18 PM]
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Submitted By: MilkyWay

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There is a whole lotta crazy going on that Truthism page there... I really loved the proving of the hollow earth idea they have.

3/16/2008 6:29:29 PM


Crap he even claims "The Matrix" is basically a documentary.

I've said it before, some people should not be allowed anywhere near fiction.

3/16/2008 7:06:14 PM

And we have to believe because..............your PhD and extensive research?. And of course, all science is a lie for the reasons you have provided, which can't be applied against you because..................who doesn't guarantee us that you're a stupid agent provocateur or a five years old kid with a tantrum?

3/16/2008 7:36:56 PM


Help! I'm being lied to by Descartes' Daemon!


3/16/2008 8:14:50 PM

Old Viking

How do we know that the real controllers aren't compelling you to divert our attention to the Reptilians?

3/16/2008 11:59:47 PM


Oh leave the reptilians alone! They're perfectly harmless, just don't try to pet them.


3/17/2008 12:06:16 AM



3/17/2008 12:52:50 AM


This guy's site design is slightly better than Time Cube, but far less entertaining.

3/17/2008 6:19:48 PM


Dear God, these people scare me. I'm more afraid of one of these guys declaring me a reptile alien, then being hunted down, that there actually being reptile aliens.

3/17/2008 11:47:41 PM


I'm not about to peek into the page, but...What, beyond draconian gods, does he regard as true, without taint of illusion? Hopefully, this isn't just Icke-style monism...

(They can control fact and scientific evidence? What are they, sorcerors?!)

3/18/2008 1:21:38 AM

Blayze Kohime

Scientists do accept that compelling evidence doesn't always mean something is the truth. That's why theories are always open to change in the face of newly discovered evidence.

I'm still not clear on why the reptilians want to control us to begin with. If they have all this tech can't they just make AI robots and stuff to do everything for them? Why take over another race when you can build your own slave race at will?

Either way, at least they were nice enough to name their race an English term so we don't have trouble saying it.

3/18/2008 5:23:36 PM


All right, this is how it works.

Assume that I am right.
Then, clearly, anything that suggests I am wrong cannot be correct.
Therefore, I am right.

3/18/2008 6:46:03 PM


I'm not about to peek into the page, but...What, beyond draconian gods, does he regard as true, without taint of illusion?

He believes that:
* The Earth is hollow and has an internal sun.
* The sun is actually a cube.
* The draconian gods created humans as a slave race.
* About half of humans don't have souls.
* The other half have souls from the supernal realms.
* Our universe was created by Satan.
* There are 11 more universes, and all of them are pentagons.

And as you might expect, there isn't any presented evidence for any of this. He simply angrily denounces the reader for wondering if there is any evidence and then says that the burden of proof is on the doubter to show that the rulers of the world are actually human.


3/18/2008 9:48:05 PM

Grand Archblasphemer of York

Well, do you know who controls your alien controllers and reptilian overlords? The Flying Spaghetti Monster. And your belief to the contrary is merely the result of his illusions imposed upon your feeble human mind.

3/19/2008 9:58:11 PM


LOL! I kinda figured that Truthism would eventually find its way into CTSTDT. It was only a matter of time.

Also, why take a specific text from the site? The whole website from top to bottom is worthy of CTSTDT.

3/20/2008 3:19:29 AM


I know this isn't going to be much fun, but...What are the alleged signs as to whether someone has a soul or not? (I ask because I have Asperger's Syndrome; I have a bad feeling he might regard autism of any magnitude as a sign of soullessness. I hope he at least believes the response should be to instill a soul...)

Maybe we should ask him to consider reconciling God and Satan (or, at least, humans and draconians).

That bit about Satan creating the cosmos puts me in mind of Valentinian Gnosticism. I've long wondered if Ialdabaoth's "malice" is better thought of as over-fervent protection instinct. "This entity says he predates me and is more adept than me...but he only gives me his say-so as evidence? LET'S RETHINK THIS! Archons, triple the security! I won't let his saboteurs corrupt and kidnap my people!"

4/4/2008 7:09:08 PM

So...A piece of scientific evidence that is fabricated is indistinguishable from a genuine one? WAY TO CONTRIBUTE USEFUL CONCEPTS JACKASS!

9/15/2012 9:21:06 PM

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