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I agree the "liberal" superrich are undermining America, but let us name who the "liberals" are, namely jews and freemasons. The book gives the names of who's who amongst rich jews and freemasons, but doesn't note the pattern. They don't have any problem identifying the mafia as "Italian" but they shrink cowardly from naming the treasonist liberals as jews and freemasons.

GangstaLawya, Amazon.com 10 Comments [3/20/2008 2:08:08 PM]
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My father was actually asked to join the Free Masons (he had a relative who was a member). My father was neither Jewish nor what you could call liberal, and neither was the relative that askedhim to join.

3/20/2008 2:14:57 PM


I say a poe.

3/20/2008 2:49:51 PM

Maybe because they aren't?. Sorry to wake you up, but Jew and Freemanson mean exactly that, Jew and Freemanson, not "everybody who is either evil or doesn't agree with me"

3/20/2008 2:53:05 PM


Liberals become rich, once rich they revert to conservatives. Amusing, isn't it?

3/20/2008 3:46:52 PM

Old Viking

Worst of all, they wear funny hats.

3/20/2008 9:03:02 PM

Happy Wife

The liberal superrich?

Bush is a liberal Jew?

Holy shit, what has this guy been smoking?

And my husband was asked to join the Free Masons, and he's a conservative Asian. He didn't because of the time involved.

3/20/2008 9:35:02 PM


I am a Mason, and am definitely not rich, albeit somewhat conservative. A far as undermining America, please read a history book, you will likely find many, many of our founding fathers were Masons, and the current members consider themselves very patriotic citizens.

3/21/2008 5:31:31 PM

Blayze Kohime

I have a friend that is in the freemasons. He is a middle class guy, not a Jew and not even a little wealthy. He works at the same tech support center as me.

3/23/2008 11:59:46 AM


The superrich are generally conservative, not liberal.

3/24/2008 2:13:20 AM


The Liberal superrich? Hahahaha, good one.

3/24/2008 8:39:19 PM

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