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[[OP walked in on his roommate masturbating and wonders what to do about the situation from a Catholic perspective]]

Put up a picture of Jesus in his room, that will definitely get him uneasy, guaranteed.

Harmony1988, Catholic Answers Forums 65 Comments [3/26/2008 1:36:15 PM]
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I would say, IT'S A PIC.

3/26/2008 1:42:03 PM


Alternatively, tell your roomate to lock the door next time, or go lock himself in the bathroom instead.

3/26/2008 1:43:59 PM


Um, knock before entering?

3/26/2008 1:44:39 PM


nah, i've tried masturbating to jesus, I don't recommend it, you'll just end up with a beard and loincloth fetish...

3/26/2008 1:45:00 PM


Mind your own business unless he was doing it on your bed holding a picture of you and your mom +/- dad. ewwwwwwww

3/26/2008 1:45:22 PM

Blayze Kohime

Typical Christian assumption that everyone is Christian and respects Jesus. I pity his roommate.

3/26/2008 1:45:51 PM

rubber chicken

From a Catholic perspective, ask if you can join in!

3/26/2008 1:46:00 PM


Circle jerk? If its good enough the priests and altar boys its good enough for you.

3/26/2008 1:46:36 PM


Immediately go to your priest and confess to having seen another mans erect cock. That alone must be worth 20 Hail Marys ( or a blowjob for the Bishop ).

3/26/2008 1:47:42 PM


Invite the others in the quad! (That right? Never been to college.)

3/26/2008 1:48:23 PM

Mister Spak

Put a picture of cthulu in Harmony1988s room and lets see what she does.

3/26/2008 1:56:35 PM

Mr Smith

Well, if you want to know how to fix this from a Catholic perspective, you could always torture him for 3 months and then burn him with fire for his sins.

Bonus points if you can get him to repent before he dies.

3/26/2008 2:07:35 PM

Laugh and point!

3/26/2008 2:07:49 PM

Septic Sceptic

Put up a picture of Jesus in his room, that will definitely get him uneasy, guaranteed."

That won't be enough to rattle him. You need to do something to really shake him up, so he never masturbates again. Why don't you try dressing as Jesus Christ and hiding in his wardrobe? Then, when he's doing the nasty, emerge with a bang- maybe have a smoke machine running in the wardrobe for effect and play some dramatic music. You then leap on the bed and scream "I AM JESUS CHRIST AND I DISSAPROVE OF YOUR ACTIONS!" He may go into shock at this point so be ready to summon help, but otherwise have a dramatic exit ready. A flash-bang grenade works well, as the effects have a certain "Road to Damascus" quality that may well see you get a new convert!

Good luck in whatever you try to do! :-D

3/26/2008 2:08:43 PM


Ceiling Jesus is watching you masturbate?

3/26/2008 2:13:13 PM


From a Catholic perspective, just don't put up a picture of Mary, because the effects can be counter-productive...

3/26/2008 2:16:32 PM


Uh yeah... trying to wank while looking at a bearded skinny man would make anyone feel uneasy.

3/26/2008 2:37:32 PM


What if he simply turns out the lights?

He could also try a variation on what the inquisitors did: put a veil over the picture so jeebus can't see him hone his bone.

3/26/2008 2:40:26 PM

Philbert McAdamia

A picture of jesus, you say - hmm, would a piece of toast that LOOKS like jesus do as well?

3/26/2008 2:40:47 PM


It doesn't even have to be a picture of Jesus; having your roommate start hanging his shit on your wall is probably enough to unnerve most people. It'd certainly piss me off.

Something tells me some of these guys haven't quite grasped how cohabitation works. Attempting to manipulate someone's behaviour, by trying to control the environment in his personally allocated area, is not exactly conducive to the mutual respect of privacy that is the bedrock of a good relationship with your roommate.

His room, his business. Learn to knock on doors that aren't yours, instead of just barging in.

3/26/2008 2:42:50 PM


And the jesus fetish begins...

3/26/2008 2:46:16 PM


Don't put up a picture of Jesus, that might tempt you.

Yes, lock the door.

3/26/2008 2:51:33 PM


Ah yes, being used for making wankers uneasy must make the crucifiction completely worth it.

3/26/2008 2:56:18 PM


Get a lock perhaps?

3/26/2008 3:09:24 PM

Seamus D

Or hornier!

3/26/2008 3:10:45 PM

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