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One of you linked to this S.A.L. list of over one-thousand Bible discrepancies/errors... I just laughed! I'm not even close to what one would consider a scholar in this field and I'm aware of over 31,000 (!!) 'discrepancies'... Hence, I'm afraid that those of you mounting the 'Bible-error-horse' are, relatively speaking, in pre-Kindergarden insofar as this topic is concerned. There's no nice way to put it, you are clueless as to the extent of this topic and the studies that are behind it. Frankly, those of you smart enough to have understood what I've posted here should simply say to yourself, 'I'm not discussing this subject any further until I find out what the heck this is all about.'

Jorge, Internet Infidels 7 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Tom S. Fox

"There are no contradictions in the bible because I say so!"

3/10/2008 1:22:11 AM

Caustic Gnostic

Proceed immediately to the bafflement phase, eh Jorge?

3/10/2008 2:45:48 AM


I'm going to take this random outburst against your opponents as meaning you have no rebuttal. Good to know.

1/10/2010 9:10:11 PM


1)look up 'contradictions'. It doesn't mean that it's wrong unto itself (which is what I suspect you think) but wrong only against something else in the Bible
2)Take your own final sentence advice

1/11/2010 7:25:40 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Never actually read that ludicrous pile of bullshit, have you?

7/12/2013 7:36:11 AM


Sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting 'LA-LA-LA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!' does not a valid argument make, Jorgie.

"I just laughed!"

Well if Ignorance is Bliss, then you don't need the Happy Pills all the while you're in that rubber room known as Religious 'Faith'.

Meanwhile, for the rest of we sane people on Planet Reality...!

7/12/2013 11:32:38 AM

Dr. Shrinker

So, you have an even greater realization that the rest of us that the bible is flawed. I assume you realize that at least some of the 31,000 discrepancies you are so knowledgeable about are irreconcilable. Yet, you still support the bible as valid.

And we are the clueless ones?!?

7/12/2013 1:46:53 PM

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