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Maybe you read my original post. In it I said that my studies have made me aware of over 31,000 alleged problems in the Bible (instead of just the paltry 1,000 or so that are listed at some Bible-scoffing site). My point is this: suppose I were to respond to your question with my utmost ability and using all of my research notes. Guess what would come next? Here are three possibilities: 1. You'll be convinced that it actually wasn't a 'problem', and convert to Jesus Christ right on the spot. 2. You'll not accept my answer altogether or find some fault with it or have some 'yes, but...' 3. You'll accept my answer completely but then hit me with <u>another</u> one of the 29,999 that I'm aware of. Round-n-round she'll go... Now, my money is on two of the above three (care to guess which two?). <u>That</u> is why your question is not the right one.

Jorge, Internet Infidels 0 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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