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my question regarding the earth was not answered. I asked who put the oxygen? who designed the distance? who made it rotate. This is life. It is for purpose. evolution did not communicate its purpose to us. God did.
Show me how planets were made? It is part of life collectively.

Brian2008, Live Science 57 Comments [3/29/2008 9:36:28 PM]
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Better than you are

"I asked who put the oxygen?"

That says it all. Know your enemy, asshole.

3/29/2008 9:43:17 PM


Fucking hell. It mocks itself, really.

3/29/2008 9:44:36 PM

cool cats

Let me guess, you failed all of your science classes.

3/29/2008 10:00:21 PM


@ cool cats:

And all his English classes, as well.

3/29/2008 10:03:25 PM

Hey Zeus

OK, you see, this is why home schooling is a bad idea. You start off with a fundy who refuses to believe the real world because it doesn't agree with their ancient, poorly translated, continually contradictory religious manuscript and then passes down this contempt for the truth to the next generation who despite an obviously defective set of genes figure out how to use a computer and the internet (I'm still trying to figure out how that isn't on their "DO NOT TOUCH LIST", after all the graven images that I find, and enjoy). Once on the aforementioned internet, they then ask stupid questions that all normal kids learn before they even hit puberty but that they have never been taught due to fundy-ism and start preaching from their ancient, poorly translated, continually contradictory religious manuscript so that when I wake up on Sunday morning, nice and relaxed, after six days of hard work, I read it, my brain hurts and my day (and whats left of my weekend) are ruined.


Oh, and here's a clue - GODDIDNTDOIT

3/29/2008 10:10:07 PM


3/29/2008 10:31:06 PM

Sideshow Bob

Why does it have to be a who? Why can't it be a what?

3/29/2008 10:32:20 PM

FYI, evolution explains ONLY why we are the way we are, not who made us so.

3/29/2008 10:32:37 PM


No one put the oxygen there. The oxygen formed there. Just like complex crystal structures can form in nature without a creator, so too can complex molecules and even ecosystems form without a creator. Creation requires a creator, that is true, but formation does not. And there is more and more evidence leading that the universe is a formation, not a creation.

Evolution only how describes how species came about. It does not describe how life came about, or how the universe came about. Please note that the operative term is how, not who. Creationists are only concerned with the who, they are only concerned that God did. That God made us. They don't care how God did it. Or why God did it, it's just that he did do it. Scientists answer the how. Evolution explains how life is as it is. Abiogenesis explains how life came to be, and the Big Bang explains how the universe was formed. This is the problem with creationism and why it is not science. There is now how, or why, only the who. This is how science and Christianity can live together, scientists come up with the how, and Christians come up with the who. But Creationists only want to be the only ones with the answer, and if you think about it, how much of an answer is: God did it?

3/29/2008 10:47:53 PM


Let's see, what makes oxygen from Carbon dioxide even nowadays? The correct answer is: PLANTS! But probably Earths original oxygen was made by primitive algae. And what made planets was gravity, not God nor evolution since it hasn't got anything to do with this shit

3/29/2008 10:53:14 PM


No. Just no. How can anyone be this dumb???

3/29/2008 11:02:36 PM


The first organisms who reduced CO2 as a form of carbon produced oxygen, hence no need for God(s).

Gravity "made" the ditance and "made" it rotate.

"It is for purpose". What possible grand purpose for life is there?

3/29/2008 11:27:52 PM


Your gawd doesn't have the answers to your oddly formed questions in his holy book, does he? But srsly, you need help with the english language.

3/29/2008 11:28:46 PM

"Who put the bah in the bah-bah-bah-dah?" I know, but it is just is intelligent and relevant as any of his questions! And a hell of a lot more intelligent than his answer.

3/29/2008 11:44:03 PM

Old Viking

[i[ evolution did not communicate [life's] purpose to us. God did. [/i]

God hasn't communicated anything to me in 75 years. If it's important he'd better get a move on.

3/29/2008 11:53:57 PM


Oh for fucks sake. I'm really thinking I should breed just for the sake of the species.

3/30/2008 12:06:27 AM


It is like watching the puddle wonder if the hole it fits in is designed since it fits its shape so perfectly.

1. Oxygen is a poison. Early life converted CO2 to Oxygen. As seen in the rock layer at around 2.4 to 3 billion years ago where a band of iron oxide indicates the start of oxygen production.
2. Distance? Life exists because it can. We have life at stupid temperatures such as thermal vents.
3. Planets are made when large quantities of material come together under the influence of gravity.

3/30/2008 12:33:30 AM


who put that dust on your shelves? it's there, it wasn't always there, so SOMEONE must have put it there, right? i guess this is a bad analogy, as he probably thinks god put the dust on his shelves...

3/30/2008 12:38:39 AM


It's posts like this that make me, with my lack of formal education, feel downright erudite. :)

3/30/2008 12:41:15 AM


You HAVE been shown how planets were made. You HAVE had "where did the O2 come from" explained, but you refuse to accept the answer because the answer wasn't "GODDIDIT!"

3/30/2008 1:14:41 AM

Grand Archblasphemer of York

Arrrgghhh...damn you anthropic principle! You've coaxed the ego and drained the intellect from an entire generation!

3/30/2008 1:17:22 AM


If there is no God then who makes the next Kleenex tissue pop up?

3/30/2008 1:30:13 AM


The universe was bred from probability.

3/30/2008 1:41:00 AM


"who designed the distance? who made it rotate. This is life."

So many words, so little sense. You can't help but worry for his future and wonder at his survival thus far.

3/30/2008 1:56:14 AM

Arrogant Atheist

Can the garden not be beautiful without having to believe there are fairies at the bottom?

3/30/2008 2:09:44 AM

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