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A daughter who marries and makes her babies when she's biologically ready, at around age 14 to 16, will be a grandmother in her 30s when feminazi are still rushing to fertility clinics. She will then have several decades to get a PhD education and career without the social pressure and emotional drives to make babies. She can have it all, but only if she is encouraged to follow her biological needs and do things in the order that biology allows. Tell the feminazi to pound sand. And help young females like Jamie Spears and a million others to have a good, rich, fulfilled life with a husband and family.

Bob, The World According to Bob 75 Comments [3/30/2008 10:34:33 PM]
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Just because they're able doesn't mean it's healthy, Bob. Being pregnant when you're still not fully developed can bring on a shitload of physical problems.

And yeah, I can't help but get a pedo vibe as well. This man has some warped ideas.

3/31/2008 8:47:03 AM

Red Cat

Now let's see, we recognise that 14 year olds are too young to drive, drink or vote - but you want them to have babies. Yeah, what a great idea.

PS, where are Horsefeathers, Papabear, Septic, Szena, Oyvind etc? They'd tear this jerk apart.

3/31/2008 8:50:39 AM


How is this fundie? His post isn't fundie, it's just the sick ravings of a dirty old man who wants to fuck young teens.

3/31/2008 9:34:33 AM


redfergus: I think fundie can be more than just religion, I think it's almost like a belief that is at an extreme. This just seems more like an anti-feminist fundie :S

3/31/2008 11:40:08 AM


you sick, sick troglodyte.

get castrated.


3/31/2008 12:01:34 PM


FBI, get him.

3/31/2008 12:04:39 PM


Maybe we need to add Misogynists Say the Darndest Things?

3/31/2008 12:49:15 PM


@redfergus: fundamentalists don't have to be religious fundamentalists, though I'd suspect Bob is one anyway. Fundamentalism is taking a belief at absolute literal value and seeing everything in black or white. In this particular case, girls should have kids the second they are physically able to regardless of what science, society, or that girl for that matter has to say about it. It's fundie because it doesn't allow for extenuating circumstances of any kind and uses only that girls could physically produce a baby (though the chances of complications are fairly high) at a much younger age than is normal in today's society as the basis for the argument.

3/31/2008 2:04:15 PM


You folks who are saying that it wouldn't be healthy for a 14 year old to have a baby aren't using Fundie Logic (not that that's *bad*, mind you). She can produce a baby, thus, even if she dies in childbirth or is crippled, or whatever...Who cares? At least she fulfilled her sole purpose as a woman!

Bleah...Typing that made me sick.

3/31/2008 2:20:28 PM


Boys are physiologically capable of fathering children in their early teens. Surely they are the ones who should father the children of girls the same age, not you pedophilic nutcases who are deathly afraid of adult women.

A rich, fulfilled life for a 14 year old is lots of time spent with friends, school, hobbies and sports. Even adult women have trouble with the isolation and endless demands that are part of raising an infant, and you want it to be the universal experience for immature girls who aren't even ready to settle down to one boyfriend?

Why are you so deathly afraid of women your own age? Because they see right through you and tell you to go to hell?

3/31/2008 3:35:23 PM


I sense a thinly veiled kiddie fiddler.

3/31/2008 9:29:29 PM


szena: actually, I settled down with one boyfriend at age 14 and I'm still with him at 16. The difference is I am not at all ready for children yet. I'll wait until my early 30s ish.

Bob: marching into the 3rd century.

4/1/2008 12:13:47 AM


Translation: "Please, please, PLEASE allow us 40+ yr old men have sex with minor girls!"

4/1/2008 12:28:55 AM


except that they won't be able to afford the kids because they don't have a good education and good job, and they won't be able to get a good education afterwards because they are broke from raising the kids.

Go fuck yourself, I'll have kids when I've got a stable job and an education.

4/1/2008 12:30:11 AM



You get yourself preggers now! If you wait until 30, you'll be like all those other "feminazis" "rushing to fertility clinics!"

Then there's the thing where you'll have to "pound sand"...but I don't understand what the f*ck that means.

4/1/2008 12:31:40 AM

Christ Punch

3 things:

1 - Pound sand? I see the visual, but not grasping the insult.

2 - Jamie Spears: role model. Paris Hilton: humanitarian. Jamie and Britney's mom: writing a book about parenting.
Those rapture people might actually be on to something.

3 - Meme...I...nevermind...no...hold on. "Settled down"? At 14? Is Bob your dad?

4/1/2008 12:36:41 AM

Reverend Davidius

clarification of "pound sand"

can also be "fuck sand"

I'd rather fuck sand.
I'd rather pound sand.

4/1/2008 1:54:22 AM

Christ Punch

This qualifies as a snappy comeback?
I can think of worse fates than making the two-backed beast with sand.

4/1/2008 2:16:24 AM

Mattural Selection

Stop making excuses Bob and just come out and say it: You want to diddle little girls.

Sick old Fuck.

4/1/2008 2:17:22 AM

Seamus D

You know what, Bob?

Go fuck yourself!


4/1/2008 2:45:12 AM



I'm happy bob has no say.

4/1/2008 3:02:26 AM

Thinking Allowed


4/1/2008 7:44:24 AM

Most miscarriages and stillborns are from girls of that age and most death by labour and children who don't survive further than five are connected with motherhood at that age, are you sure they are "prepared" to have children then?. And feminazis, as you call them, have babies by accident and abort, according to you, to which clinics do they go for fertility treatments(by the way, approximately 40% of the couples who go there is because the man is sterile)?. And by the way, who can have a PhD taking care of children(do you have children, Bob)?. Just a reminder, Jaimie Spears is not married.

4/1/2008 8:51:26 AM

Later on, he says that it's ok that men marry later because they have to build a career to take care of the family(make up your fucking mind, bob). Men and women reach their reproductive peak at 24 and men from 45 onwards are less likely to have children so.....................
By the way, how many people in the middle ages or XIX century, who married slightly later(at 18)had PhDs and carreers?

4/1/2008 8:56:27 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Too bad your mom had kids.

4/1/2008 10:19:31 AM

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