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If any religious philosophy has been imposed upon a nation, it is Secular Humanism. The U.S. Supreme Court has defined Humanism as a religion. The officer corps of the pro-abortion movement is almost entirely made up of secular humanists who have imposed their beliefs upon our nation.

Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke, AbortionFacts.com 40 Comments [3/30/2008 9:32:55 PM]
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Nobody is forcing you to have abortions, dipshit, they're just insisting you don't force them not to.

3/31/2008 9:19:49 PM


Thomas, stop trying so hard to get your comments on FSTDT.

4/1/2008 2:18:50 AM



What the hell does that mean, idiot? Like it's hard to get my comments on here. What's hard is you stupid fucks to prove anything...no, not hard, impossible! Why the hell are you even here? Looking for the next "fundie" to call a fool when you can't prove anything yourself. If you have anything important to say, say it. Til then, shut the hell up whore!

4/1/2008 2:35:20 AM


Hey Thomas:

Stop flirting with all the members on this site. Why are you taking this stuff so seriously?

We come here to have a little fun and bust on silly fundies. If you think that makes us fundies too, that's fine. Who cares what you think? I sure don't. You can join the fun or keep responding as an annoying little turd. You have the choice...

4/1/2008 4:58:55 AM



So EVERYONE here is JUST messing around, huh? Just messing with people's sincere beliefs and feelings and having a good ol' time doing it, huh? I bet you're the type that tortures animals all in good clean fun, huh?

Some of these people are truly searching for life's meaning and some of these issues make a difference to some people's eternity. But you're just dickin' around and havin' fun. And you don't really care what I think, then why'd you even reply to anything I've posted...you fuckin liar.

Stop toying with people's philosophy you lost, insensitive little shit!

4/1/2008 5:18:10 AM

Since when religions are defined by supreme courts?

4/1/2008 8:46:35 AM


Kind of like how the religious right have been imposing their beliefs upon our nation?

4/1/2008 3:06:36 PM


I tried to join the Pro-Abortion Officer Corps when I was younger, but I didn't meet the height requirement.

4/2/2008 2:33:12 AM


Somehow the title, Doctor seems very unfitting.

Its unsettling that christians get thier PhD. just to try to usurp actual doctors, its no wonder people go into holistics and natural medicine.

4/2/2008 4:06:53 PM

Preacher = person who has no legitimate public authority, but manages to exercise it anyway.

4/2/2008 4:20:42 PM


If a philosophy can suvive neither logic nor ridicule, then a person is better off without it.

4/3/2008 12:42:52 PM



Show me which philosophy you adhere to and I'll show you someone who calls you a fool.

So, do you have a philosophy you follow, John? Or are you just "dust in the wind." "An island unto yourself" with the one true philosophy that survives both logic and ridicule that we should follow? Tell us how to live, oh great John!

4/4/2008 10:31:10 PM


Get out your dictionary and look up secular.

4/9/2008 9:15:52 PM


Citation needed on the Supreme Court because I haven't heard anything about it.

7/3/2009 1:19:43 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"The U.S. Supreme Court has defined Humanism as a religion."

[citation desperately needed]

5/27/2011 4:49:57 PM

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