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[...Isn't that nothing more than faith?]

Faith requires you to just believe... you can "know" rather than just have faith... knowledge comes through works, through following promptings of the Holy spirit...

Idea, Christian Forums 12 Comments [3/31/2008 3:24:11 PM]
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Hey, be careful, that sort of tap dancing will break both your ankles.

10/17/2010 9:41:00 PM

"Faith is believing something you know ain't true."

- Mark Twain

10/17/2010 9:48:59 PM


That isnt fundie!

9/12/2011 3:19:49 PM

Yeah, and I'm the queen of England!

9/12/2011 3:40:15 PM


> Yeah, and I'm the queen of England!

Well, she believes all sort of weird shit too.

Back in the box, Brenda, just get back in the box.

9/12/2011 5:22:36 PM


he's tapdancing in circular logic!

5/1/2012 12:22:54 AM


No it fucking doesn't.

If you only want to help people through works you recieve an understanding of why that's good, beneficial or pointless. That's all. You don't "know" God or of God's existance at any point.

5/1/2012 1:52:12 PM



This is just standard Christian dogma. The quote is neither obnoxious nor especially deranged.

5/1/2012 3:54:22 PM

Knowledge is a word in common usage. Everyone knows what it means, and it's not what you wrote.

3/28/2013 10:34:40 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Believe what?
Try posting that without a computer.

10/29/2014 3:59:26 PM

Faith is believing something without a good reason, believing something without any evidence, or believing something in spite of evidence to the contrary. Faith is gullibility.

10/29/2014 5:44:37 PM


"Knowledge comes through ...following promptings of the holy spirit."

It doesn't hurt to crack a textbook once in a while too.

2/24/2018 9:40:30 PM

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