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And quite frankly, Secular Humanism is sooo yesterday.

River, Internet Infidels 19 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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They call me V

Noooooo! I have been declared *gasp* un-trendy. The horror... THE HORROR.

11/1/2007 6:43:28 AM

Caustic Gnostic

That's why New Age is around, I mean the bible stuff is sooo bronze-age, you know?

11/1/2007 7:13:44 AM


Christianity is sooo thousands of years ago.

11/1/2007 7:14:54 AM


You go girl.

11/1/2007 7:46:53 AM

Alois Shickelgruber

Jeebus is therefore yesterday's yesterday.

11/1/2007 7:58:21 AM


So, what's the "In" thing now? If you say x-tianity, thousands of people will laugh at and abuse you.

11/1/2007 9:34:30 AM


Yeah, it's so gauche to treat others with respect and dignity. Oppression in the name of God, that's all the rage now.

11/1/2007 9:35:55 AM

Annie Lennox

Some people want to abuse you ...
Some people want to be abused ...

11/1/2007 9:36:30 AM


As opposed to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.?

11/1/2007 4:03:08 PM

Jake Steel

like talk to the hand.

11/1/2007 4:13:56 PM


Fer shueeer.

11/1/2007 5:24:48 PM

Professor M

That's right, River -- all the cool kids have moved on to ontological anarchy.

11/1/2007 7:38:15 PM



11/1/2007 7:39:23 PM

Brian X

What's trendy right now, of course, is Pastafarianism. But if you ask me, the next great spiritual fashion is going to be Reformed Brogmoidism, just as soon as Activision gets off its ass and releases another Zork sequel.

11/2/2007 11:24:43 AM


I'm not "like soo into reality" because it's hip, Moron.

11/3/2007 6:27:39 AM


OMG He was like that ideology is SO last year! Can you believe it? Everyone knows Secular Humanism is like THE next big thing! Have you seen the runways? And Cosmo had this great article on it. And then I said, Well, Jackie, told Christina, who told Holly who told me that Rivers was caught, wearing a Christian faith! OMG I was like are you kidding me? And Holly was like No, and I was like you gotta be, that religion is like so A.D. and she was like I know! I But it's totally true. But if Bethany asks, you didn't hear it from me.

4/8/2008 9:35:11 PM


Invisible Pink Unicorn is, like, totally where it's at, dude!

6/1/2014 7:23:09 PM


Well, it's still better than Religion, which is soooo millennium-before-last.

6/1/2014 11:37:45 PM


Belief systems .... Fashion .... Belief systems .... Fashion ....

Nope, I can't see any way to make those fit together coherently.

2/3/2017 2:12:21 PM

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