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[After being asked to show evidence for God's existence]

theres no way to prove it without seeing him but about 30 years ago science heard a radioactive "boom" lost in space. it has been guessed to hav been the boom from the earths creation. scientists hav also discovered a great square mass of matter out in space believed to be heaven.

punkrocker71, POD Warrior Forum 18 Comments [8/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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\"science heard a radioactive \"boom\" lost in space\" Oh, this is choice stuff.
Why do these people resort to making stuff up. It only makes them look stupider and stupider.

2/24/2006 4:54:33 AM


\"theres no way to prove it without seeing him\"

At least you got something right. Just like I can't prove that there is a giant purple monkey living on the dark side of the moon, of course it is unlikely that it exists, but technically I can't, at this moment, prove it.

I'm reading your post from four years ago. I can still hear the sucking noise of the vacuum created everytime you post. Do you watch TV on the spanish channel and then just decide in your own little mind what they are talking about?

6/29/2006 10:57:49 AM


1) Gamma rays (which are what is most commonly meant by radioactivity) don't produce sound.
2) Sound waves cannot propagate through a vacuum. (Technically, space isn't a total vacuum, but it's close enough that the intensity of a sound drops off extremely rapidly with distance.)
3) Whatever you were smoking when you wrote that post, I gotta get me some of that.

6/30/2006 3:52:56 AM




6/19/2008 3:30:50 AM


Cubic mass of matter is many density, but probably more comfy than square.*

--Henry Blake

*How to speak Maroon, Puncher and Wattmann 1998, lesson third.

6/19/2008 4:56:37 AM


Hey, if they've spotted the Christian heaven ... lock on those missiles!

6/19/2008 5:41:23 AM


Jesus is a Space Alien?

6/19/2008 6:55:56 AM

rubber chicken

It is now nearly six years later and the NWO/Athiest/Homosexual/Satanist conspiracy has finally managed to bury/hide/delete and obfuscate all possible evidence of these two amazing things.
We have changed records, manipulated memories and falsified all the data.
This post remains the sole remaining datum and without any supporting proof we can happily leave it to fester away in the "WhatTheFuck" file.

6/19/2008 7:51:23 AM


So heaven is square. I think we knew that already.

You know, back when I believed some of this stuff, I at least had more believable "beliefs".

At least I thought heaven and hell existed outside of the universe in some other "realm".

As to the flood, I conjectured that if it were a global thing, god created the water, then uncreated it...it wasn't just hanging out waiting to fall and then go god knows where.

I never believed in the litteral interpretation of genesis, nor most of it the bible for that matter. I thought of it mostly as a story book to convey ideas in a manner more understandable for people living millenia ago.

6/19/2008 7:58:02 AM


I think this is what he's talking about in his second bit of drivel. Nowt to do with heaven though...

6/19/2008 9:48:06 AM


science heard a radioactive "boom" lost in space

I can't even begin to consider the number of scientific misunderstandings implied in these eight little words... Besides, you can't take science as authority on one hand (this post) and strenuously deny its validity (ID) on the other.

6/19/2008 11:57:23 AM



8/30/2009 10:49:58 PM


They "heard" a radioactive boom in space?

Sound travels through vaccums now? Urgh . . .

8/31/2009 4:57:35 PM


"scientists hav also discovered a great square mass of matter out in space believed to be heaven."

You fool, that's a Borg cube! We're all in terrible danger and you want to debate religion? ...wait, it wouldn't be any different for you, you'd still be a drone. Carry on.

4/6/2010 10:07:28 PM

Philbert McAdamia

So the Big Bang is of teh debbil, but the Big Boom is OK with the fundies.

4/6/2010 10:18:40 PM

The Duelist

What Crosis said... seriously, you holdin' out on us, dawg? 'Cuz what you're smokin', we wanna buy a few pounds... a few hundred pounds, that is.

8/7/2010 11:08:31 AM


Heaven is square!
Hell is concave!
Dance the magic space heaven dance!
Let's all be merrily daft!

8/7/2010 12:07:47 PM

Big One

"Proof for God ? Of course ! Lemme pull some totally-not-made-up-facts from my ass and share it with you !"

And here is my favourite line :

[Citation fucking needed]

11/22/2011 8:14:42 AM

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