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I believe that In the early 'days' of creation he created dinosaurs and they had become extinct before he created man. I believe he was letting the earth ripen so to speak to be ready for inhabitation by man. Now because of the dinosaurs of a million years ago we now have fossil fuels at our disposal.

Jadzia28, Christianity.com Forums 12 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Kevin Klaw

Sounds reasonable to me.

10/21/2008 12:33:41 AM

Darwin's Lil' Girl

But...God created everything to perfection. So...how could they go extinct?

10/21/2008 10:33:22 PM


So...God made an entire species just to wipe it out so you can have fuel for your Hummer?

10/21/2008 10:46:08 PM


He let the Earth "ripen"? Since when is Earth a goddamned melon?

10/21/2008 10:53:00 PM


Oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz
my friends all drive porsches I must make amends

and if you could create an animal, let it roam around for a hundred million years then kill it off so I can get a full tank that'd be great too.

8/10/2010 1:07:16 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Wait, a million? Not 6,000?

8/10/2010 1:15:35 AM


It was a heck of a lot more than a million years ago that dinosaurs were around, and they were no more "created" in the fundie sense than you, or I, or my dog.

The earth, in a sense, may have "ripened" to be ready for "inhabitation by man", but this had nothing to do with non-existent deities. It was man who began inventing gods as soon as he had evolved the intelligence to do so, but before he had a clue about possible alternatives. For some reason I cannot really fathom. many of us are still stuck with this antiquated and quite ridicilous idea of "creation."

8/10/2010 1:17:25 AM


Why go through all that to begin with? Why make us need things that require non-renewable resources? Why not have things powered by dirt? Or leaves? Or, hell, gods can do anything, so why should stuff need power to begin with?

8/25/2010 8:43:26 AM


Don't tell me, let me guess. Beauty pagent contestant, right?

8/25/2010 8:47:41 AM


Sheesh fossil fuels mostly come from dead plants.

8/25/2010 9:59:02 AM


Using that logic, what's to stop the suggestion that humans aren't special snowflakes at all and merely being used to pave the way for the next species?

8/12/2012 7:29:54 AM


The earth is not a fruit.

But you are.

9/8/2012 10:14:21 PM

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