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It [abortion] would be destruction of another's property, which IS a crime in all states if my law is correct. No one owns their body. God owns their body. So destroying the impregnated egg is destroying someone's property that isn't yours, and that is wrong because God might have wanted a person to be born by the mother.

RJAG, GameFAQs 20 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Like say Hitler?

2/19/2007 6:36:49 PM


So, if your body is really God's property, we ought to be punishing smokers, people who imbibe alcohol, people who don't eat healthy food and exercise, people with dangerous jobs, etc., right?

2/19/2007 7:20:45 PM

David D.G.

This is an amazingly fatuous claim, especially since you haven't even proved that any \"God\" even exists.

I'm pretty sure that if you check the statutes, there is absolutely no provision stating that any alleged \"God\" has any legal rights whatsoever, including any right of property (let alone the right of owning people as property, which most nations' laws explicitly forbid).

~David D.G.

2/19/2007 7:35:51 PM


If that's the case, I say god should go through the pregnancy, labor, birth, and child rearing.

2/19/2007 9:26:46 PM

God is not a legal citizen of the USA so those rights don't apply to him.

7/25/2008 5:58:55 PM


So, does that also apply to cutting your hair and fingernails? Do you need to check with God first?

Also, let's not discount all that vandalism that the women and 80's glam rockers engage in. Did they get prior permission? Or did the contract say it was okay?

7/25/2008 6:01:19 PM


once god comes before the courts lay make his complaint, then perhaps there is a case. Until then, STFU

7/25/2008 6:02:47 PM


That would certainly seem to follow from when He let her get raped in the first place, or her contraception fail, or any of a myriad of possible reasons she'd need the procedure.

But people do all kinds of lousy things to their bodies and you can't invoke a "God's property" law in court.

7/25/2008 6:34:32 PM

Philbert McAdamia

God might have wanted a person to be born by the mother.

...or he may have wanted a fundie...


7/25/2008 7:08:00 PM


"...God might have..."

Automatic failure.

7/25/2008 7:12:27 PM

Princess Rot

And how exactly do YOU know what "God" wants? Did "he" employ you to speak for "him"? How would you go about proving the existence of something invisible in order to prove that it wants you to speak for it? How would you prove that in a court?

7/26/2008 7:55:07 PM


1) Prove the existence of god
2) Present your credentials for being his spokesman
3) Prove god's ownership of all humans on the planet
4) Prove god's ownership of all fertilized eggs

If you can do all 4,,, we might have a case. Oh, and a 2000 year old book of fairytales isn't proof.

7/26/2008 10:06:39 PM

Darth Vader... For Freedom

Rahab, be careful... that sounds dangerously like Calvin's Geneva.

7/27/2008 12:01:03 AM


show me the deed, asshole.

7/27/2008 12:16:17 AM


This just in: God's will can be beaten

7/27/2008 2:23:56 PM

Deep Search

Wow. Hilarious.

But if a woman gets pregnant then she's going to get all fat and get stretch marks and other things. So that'd be messing up her body. Sorry, I mean God's body...

7/27/2008 2:30:06 PM


If God didn't want the abortion to happen, He would have stopped it.

8/9/2008 10:14:47 AM

Max W

"We are God's property"

And who the fuck are you?

8/9/2008 2:52:29 PM


or he might have been like "whoa dude, the kid from this chick is going to be the next hitler" and whispered in the girl's ear "better kill it BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE"

8/11/2008 4:43:16 PM

Crimson Lizard

Keep your dirty fundie paws off my eggs, asshole. They don't belong to you or your imaginary friend.

9/13/2012 3:40:50 PM

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