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If you're upset by rising food prices, you have no one to blame but Algore and his ilk. The consequences of the success of his Global Warming Scam are now beginning to be felt. This spike in food prices is just the beginning.

shades_of_grey, Military.com 18 Comments [4/17/2008 10:12:48 AM]
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Yes. Al Gore and his internet based heat ray have really disrupted global food production.

4/17/2008 10:28:25 AM



People like thsi never explain themselves. I'm gonna have a go myself at this game:

You don't like speed cameras? Well you've no one to blame but Chairman Mao. The success of his cultural revolution are beginning to be felt.

Hey, this is fun!

4/17/2008 11:04:26 AM


"We are going to get you!"

4/17/2008 11:24:40 AM


spike in food prices because of bad weather
bad weather because of climate change
"algore" was trying to warn you about this, retard.

4/17/2008 12:28:44 PM

This isn't conspiracy theory, I think. He's confusing the fact that Al Gore is warning about a natural phenomenon that has turned out to be true(Global Warming), with the consequence of bad crops, and the fact that he has actually CREATED it.

4/17/2008 2:03:46 PM


Actually, I think I see where he's coming from. Some of the spike comes from the diversion of edible corn into the biofuel industry, which does derive from the push into not-oil sources of energy, and which contributes to a decrease in supply.

Of course, the fact that we use corn (or, really, any edible product) is NOT the fault of "Algore and his ilk", it's the fault of big agribusiness. We'd all be much better off using a number of species of grasses instead, but, well, there aren't any grass farming lobbyists yet.

4/17/2008 3:46:09 PM


Although coming off like a raving loon doesn't help his cause. I've actually seen some studies that back him up on this.

1. Growing corn for bio-fuel and the processed food industry. I was reading an interesting book on how if North America gets hit with a corn blight, we are royally screwed.

2. The fight against genetically modified foods and high yield farming practices. Unfortunately with the amount we are willing to pay for food, the only way a farmer can make a buck is to use these practices. Also, we just can't feed the population using low yield practices anymore.

How this is Al Gores fault, I'm not really sure.

4/17/2008 5:26:08 PM

Blayze Kohime

Actually that has little to do with warming at all. Our use of oil has begun to exceed the amount that can be cheaply pulled from the ground at any one time, so oil prices are going up. That means shipping prices go up. That means everything's price goes up eventually. If you want to change it, do your part by recycling oil products like plastic and not using more energy than you must.

4/17/2008 5:33:49 PM

Old Viking

Algore and His Ilk would be a good name for a rock group.

4/18/2008 12:41:42 AM

Thinking Allowed

Is Algore a first or last name. Perhaps it's a first name, and the last name is Rhythem.

Seriously, the spike in food and other goods is partly because of the cost of shipping them to places where the consumers can purchase these such items. It has nothing to do with global warming.

4/18/2008 5:49:37 AM

Sure, Al Gore alone has provoked draughts in South America and Sub-Saharian Africa, has provoked hurricanes and extreme conditions which have ruined the crops...............he's acting like God. HO HO HO.

4/18/2008 5:02:43 PM


The high cost of the fuel necessary to transport the food is a major contributor to the rise in food prices. Can't blame Al for that!

BTW, there was an Animaniacs episode spoofing Winnie the Pooh, in which Eeyore was called Algore and modeled on the then-VP.

4/19/2008 12:31:43 PM


The corn based bio-fuel industry is not too liberal on the political movement spectrum. A few environmentalists have been suckered into it but the smarter ones know it has near zero potential as an alternative fuel source and oppose it vehemently.

A lot of it was engineered by conservatives in the pocket of the ADM corporation and other large agribusiness concerns. 43% of ADM's profits are government subsidized but pumps federal money into the corn belt it creates (mostly unnecessary) jobs in places like Nebraska and Kansas. It kind of like welfare, but instead of getting money for doing no work you get money for doing nothing important.It's like if you went to the welfare office but they wouldn't give you your check until you moved a pile of cinderblocks up a staircase and down again or filled in all the white spaces of a marble notebook with a black ball-point pen.

Unfortunately the proud republican voters of the red state belt are proud to have those useless jobs and they proudly vote republican so ADM still had major control over congress.

It would probably cost the average taxpayer less for agribusiness subsidy employees to go on welfare since the companies don't skim off huge profits. Philosophically the American taxpayer is giving them welfare then paying extra so they have high self esteem.


4/19/2008 12:33:08 PM


ADM is to blame for high fructose corn syrup and its replacing cane sugar in soft drink and other foods in the 80s. They paid farmers not to grow cane, driving up sugar prices, and in steps ADM offering their tweaked corn syrup to food makers.

The "supermarket to the world" had its thumb on the scale.

4/19/2008 1:27:59 PM


Actually, there is a whole book written around this topic now. I just saw it at the bookstore tonight. Can't remember the title though...

4/26/2008 6:39:44 AM


I am sure Al Gore will be happy to know he finally has so much power. Hell, he didn't get to be President of the United States, but who cares? He now has enough power that he has altered the entire world. Fuck the US; he wants it all.

4/28/2008 4:44:16 PM


It's hardly Al Gore and the environmental crowd. Biofuels are good because they're renewable, and that's it. Converting land to fuels like corn and (in Brazil) sugar cane has produced a spike in prices worldwide. In Brazil, more rainforest is being cleared for, not for logging, but for agriculture. Petroleum has he most energy in the smallest package- one gallon can sen your two-ton car over twenty miles. Ehanol can't come close, so you'll have to re-fill a lot more often, and it produces CO2 as well. Most have said it's a mixed bag at best. The ones most enthusiastic for it have been farm-state Congressmen and President Bush, so he can say we're getting off our addiction to oil. So far, it's been a disaster all around.

5/2/2008 2:58:37 AM


Al Gore's heat ray will totally fuck the cost of corn, guys.

It is the end times.

3/28/2009 7:32:50 PM

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