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I am convinced that modern witchcraft and demonic activity is around today. When you spend as much time as I do in Utah and in front of Mormon temples, you come to understand.

SlaveofChrist, Theology Web 5 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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SlaveofChrist, hrm? At least someone's honest with their relationship with the sky faerie.

12/8/2007 11:16:10 PM

King Duncan

Are they sampling hallucinogens at the doors of the Mormon temples again?

12/9/2007 3:17:03 AM

Lol. Reading too much Harry Potter books.

6/18/2008 11:25:49 PM


I would guess "modern witchcraft" would be around today.

Demonic activity, NO, but just because there are no demons.

6/18/2008 11:43:53 PM

Quantum Mechanic

English isn't your first language.

10/6/2013 9:31:50 PM

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