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Unbelievers do not have a freewill. In fact, unbelievers are dead in their sins and trespasses against God. Jesus said, "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free." Until the point of salvation, unregenerate man has nothing that even approaches freedom and certainly not his will. He can only do the will of his father, the devil. But when a person is saved, then God is in control of the will and it's Gods freewill, not our own that is in control.

JayWJr, Wired.com 49 Comments [4/28/2008 7:35:29 PM]
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Super Smash Bros. Announcer

So it's the will of the devil for the guy to be saved? Huh? How does this work, again?

4/28/2008 7:43:48 PM


If I'm dead does that mean I don't have to pay taxes?

4/28/2008 7:45:25 PM


[Unbelievers do not have a freewill....But when a person is saved, then God is in control of the will and it's Gods freewill, not our own that is in control. ]

So, basically, people don't have free will before they believe...and they don't have free will *after* they believe.

In other words, nobody ever has free will, regardless of whether or not they believe.

If that's the case, why bother making the distinction in the first place?

4/28/2008 7:47:35 PM

The Lazy One

Uh, well, I just bought some new looseleaf paper. I guess I can finally say 'the devil made me do it.'

4/28/2008 8:00:21 PM


Behold, for my sins have been cleansed by the Holy Operating System and through Linus Torvalds shall I find salvation!

4/28/2008 8:02:53 PM


Nice, now I can blame sin for everything that I do!

4/28/2008 8:06:24 PM



4/28/2008 8:11:59 PM


So you only have freewill if you turn over your freewill to god so that you no longer have freewill?

Yep, that makes sense.

4/28/2008 8:18:02 PM


So free will is the freedom to do whatever God wants you to do?

4/28/2008 8:19:43 PM


A) If they have no free will, how can they choose salvation?

B) Somebody hasn't been reading their Bible properly, because the issue of humans having free will is implicit in Genesis.

C) Why am I bothering to comment on this fuckwit's illogical rantings?

4/28/2008 8:21:46 PM


Sorry, my brain doesn't need a backseat driver.

4/28/2008 8:35:51 PM


This sounds surprisingly familiar.

4/28/2008 8:37:39 PM

Philbert McAdamia

So, what about Free Willy?

4/28/2008 8:45:03 PM

Thiniking Allowed

So in other words, the believers have no freewill either.

4/28/2008 8:46:56 PM


Ironic since it seems really religious people only follow what they are told in the first place no matter how retarded it seems. Just like a bunch of sheep. That's no fun at all.

4/28/2008 8:53:25 PM


If the sinful have no free will, then they cannot be blamed for their actions and it would thus be thoroughly unjust for your god to punish them for eternity.

4/28/2008 8:54:36 PM


If I have no free will, then it must be god who is telling you to get your head out of your ass.

4/28/2008 8:55:50 PM


So, a human being is a slave to something or another whatever he believes or does not believe.

My hero, Tom Jefferson, said, " I swear eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of Man." Good thing he's dead or he'd give you such a horsewhipping.

4/28/2008 8:59:30 PM


Say what now?

4/28/2008 9:26:18 PM

Without free will, sin doesn't exist and the whole Christian theology goes to the toilet. Because, you know, whether you decide to be saved or not is a matter of, guess what?, FREE WILL.

4/28/2008 9:32:35 PM


So... .. NO ONE has free will? It's either God or the Devil pulling the strings? Always?


I hate those assholes.

4/28/2008 9:35:38 PM


So either it's Satan or God as my puppet master? Man. Your religion is lame.

4/28/2008 9:37:57 PM



4/28/2008 9:57:47 PM


Unbelievers are puppets on Satan's string. But as soon as you believe, the strings are cut and you get free will. But then, when you have free will, Satan makes you make bad choices. So basically, if you don't believe, God punishes you. But if you do believe, you do stupid things and God punishes you anyway. Yeah. That makes sense ...

4/28/2008 10:47:26 PM


I beg to differ. I have a freewill. It's in my garage.

4/28/2008 10:58:22 PM

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