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Earth Day is April 22, 2008, so this is a good time to mention how global warming activism = green Marxism. Like regular communism, it’s dogmatic, international, and a secular religion that’s bent on saving mankind (mankind and Mother Earth).

We are supposed to believe that a global temperature increase of 1 degree during the past 150 years is “proof” of global warming.

How long before Western governments make green ideas mandatory? How long before “global warming denial” laws are installed?

Socrates, Vanguard News Network 12 Comments [4/29/2008 12:17:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Frank

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What is it with right-wing nuts and Earth Day? At my city's Earth Day celebration, there where a whole bunch of whackos like this. What is it about caring about the earth that pisses them off so much?

4/29/2008 12:20:17 AM

Old Viking

How long till the pro football season starts?

4/29/2008 12:41:52 AM


"global warming denial laws"? As in you go to prison for denying Global Warming? Ooh, maybe the punishment will be that they'll send you north to feed the starving polar bears.

Just a thought.

4/29/2008 1:36:23 AM

super dooper dooper man

So why is it that the Soviet union and communist China pumped out just as much pollution back in their day? In China's case, it's actually gotten worse.

4/29/2008 6:47:01 AM


Note that these guys are Neo Nazis, and having polluters subjected to the same kind of discrimination as skinheads is the worst thing they can imagine.


4/29/2008 8:38:20 AM

When the Earth is effectively shattered?. When you don't have anything to eat?

4/29/2008 9:18:39 AM


Why are these people against trying to save the planet? Even if global warming etc turns out to be false...why are these people against trying to save the planet?

4/29/2008 10:58:51 AM


How long until your brain explodes. I'm still waiting.

4/30/2008 4:59:33 PM


You may recall, Socrates, a little event known historically as the "year without a summer." The Thames froze. People in New York were ice skating in July. Crop failures were massive and starvation was widespread. The average global temperature drop was only 2 degrees F. Small changes can have large consequences.

4/30/2008 11:00:08 PM


Honestly... The guy is right about modern Enviormentalism being paramount to a religion. The idea that the Earth is dieing and we have to take care of it is excepted by hundereds of millions without even a minute of research done.

Sadly this guy is just as nuts as any crazy assed Earth nut if he thinks the "Anything denial" laws will be installed anywhere in the Western world. As this is thought to violate the very essence of freedom, especially in the United States.

On an interesting note, some stupid green ideas are actually mandatory, such as recycling. While not mandated by the United States (sorry if I seem a little US-centric, but I don't know recycling laws in other countries) it is required by the international trade community (International organization for standardization, specificly ISO 14001) that major corporations engage in the recycling of plastic bottles, clean paper and aluminum cans (along with a few other items like batteries, cassette tapes, etc.) Sadly, recycling paper and plastic bottles does more harm to the enviorment than good via more use of energy and non-renewable resources (fossil fuels) than it would to make brand new and better quality products. On a lighter note, recycling aluminum actually does help the enviorment as we expend less energy recycling aluminum than we would mining for more bauxite.

5/25/2008 6:31:54 PM


If nothing else shouldn't you give up your Humvee to save cash? And declining resources or not, we might as well use that bottle again when we went to so much trouble to get the material for it in the first place.

9/6/2009 7:14:26 AM

Brandy Bogard

This guy is obviously a victim of corporate indoctrination.

7/13/2011 6:01:01 PM

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