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I called up a high school on the southwest side of Chicago that is honoring the day by allowing gay students to remain silent during classes, even to the point of getting out of class assignment if they wish. When I approached the school to talk to a school administrator, I asked the question that all students and parents should ask the school before permitting this day, “Has your school had any public reports of physical abuse or bullying from any proclaimed homosexual student this year?” The school administrator said no but they were still going to allow Day of Silence.

Schools should not observe a day regarding abuses that never happened. The idea of “tolerance” is so highly valued in society today that I doubt many schools have had reports of problems with students regarding homosexuality. The schools are being used to promote an agenda that does not even exist in the schools. As parents, we are allowed to know what goes on in our schools. Our schools are satellite homes for our kids. We have to make sure that our kids are not being used to promote a homosexual organization outside the school.

The Christian philosophy is still the best. Christians are supposed to embody the love of Christ and follow the law of the Ten Commandments. Christ came not to abolish the law but to fulfill the law. A person can choose risky, unhealthy homosexual behavior if they want to, but that doesn’t mean our public schools should be allowed to promote it to our children.

Colleen Nolan, Concerned Women For America 17 Comments [4/30/2008 10:17:03 PM]
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It's for transsexuals, transgenderists, and bisexual silence, too!

Bah. I know this is a stupid reason to get annoyed, but it seems like the B and T keeps getting ignored.

5/10/2008 4:42:28 AM


Oh how I do wish that those who use religion as a tool of hate would have a day of silence. Just shut the fuck up! Wouldn't that be a definition of heaven?

10/25/2008 6:27:53 PM


I don't really support 'tolerance' either, because it isn't good enough. 'Acceptance' is better.

10/25/2008 8:24:46 PM


When the hell will I wake up to find people like her are gone forever?

10/26/2008 2:30:11 AM


Gay bullying never happens in schools of course. Ever.

And all incidents of bullying are always reported

10/26/2008 4:56:41 PM

T. McGee

Ok, I haven't been in grade school for a long time. Are teachers really encouraging students to be gay these days?

I mean, I wouldn't think they would be, but I keep hearing protests from right-wingers that by allowing children/teens to know that gay people actually exist, we're somehow promoting homosexuality.

11/8/2008 12:25:29 AM

@Darwin: I agree.

11/8/2008 12:53:49 AM


The day of silence is in honor of a kid that was killed because he was homosexual, and anybody can participate. You fail.

4/21/2009 4:20:46 PM


Oh, you don't want a Day of Silence to honor a class of folks, but for Gawd's sake, we need prayer in schools.

Pharisee.. I mean, hypocrite!

3/24/2010 9:48:16 PM


yeah, lots of "Love of Christ" there. Hypocrite.

3/24/2010 10:02:13 PM


Because since it doesn't happen in the school means it doesn't happen at all. If an event's effects stop at the city limits, why do you people parade around the corpses of 9/11 like puppets still?

3/24/2010 10:31:06 PM


*headdesk* Jesus had nothing to do with the 10 commandments.

Here, let's make it simple for you.

10 Commandments - OLD testament

Jesus - NEW testament

And an FYI, there is nothing about homosexuality in the 10 commandments.

have a nice ... whatever.

3/24/2010 11:02:19 PM


And where exactly in the TEN commandments does it say, "thou shalt not give in to butt piracy?"

3/25/2010 3:16:28 AM


As a pansexual (bi-and-then-some), I'm completely offended. My belief is that, if my first amendment right to assembly extends to school (which it does; I've checked), and my silence does not cause a "clear and present" threat, you cannot stop me.

I always miss the days of silence, unfortunately. Wish I could participate.

6/16/2011 3:46:09 PM


Being homosexual is only risky because bigots like you won't let them be happy.

12/21/2011 12:48:10 AM


The highest risk with homosexuality is to be bullied, assaulted or killed by homophobes.
Would you choose to be something that is so hated and despised, Colleen? Why do you think they have chosen it, then?

Allowing a ramp up to the entrance, so that people in wheel-chairs can come in, is that promoting amputation of lower limbs?

Which part of the "Christian philosophy" are we talking about as "the best"? The bear mauling of impolite children? The not beating your slaves to death, only to within an inch of death? The offering up of your virgin daughters to be ravaged by an angry and horny mob? The death penalty for eathing shellfish and wearing clothes of mixed fibres?

12/21/2011 1:28:59 AM

your Bible says to stone homosexuals to death.

Are you performing your Christian duty ?

a day of ilence one presumes is nationwide at least statewide. I am sure that some homosexual kid has been bullied recently somewhere in your state.

12/21/2011 9:09:07 AM

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