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Ernie: ... Now that Darwinists rule academia, they will brook no contradiction, and they will happily commit employment assassination even against tenured professors who dare even to mention intelligent design. The Darwinists even have their own Gestapo in the National Center for Science Education led by a modern day Heinrich Himmler named Eugenie Scott.

Ernie Grimm, California Catholic Daily 11 Comments [4/30/2008 6:54:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: David D.G.

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john smith

Ouch, Ernie Grimm is in for some rough times, for evolutionist Gestapo is sure to pick him up and do a little torture for telling the world their secret. Wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Oh, wait, no Darwin's Gestapo. Shame, the dweeb got lucky.

5/12/2008 5:23:18 AM

El Guapo

What's up with the sudden persecution complex?

5/12/2008 9:28:05 PM



10/25/2008 1:45:46 PM

haywood jablomy

10/25/2008 2:00:26 PM


FSTDT and CTSTDT. Why not say that the "Darwinist Gestapo" was started by the Jews so you can have the trifecta and a bit of irony besides?

10/25/2008 4:20:11 PM


Ernie Grimm must have a brother, because that's a fairy story.

10/26/2008 1:48:45 AM

Captain Klamydia

11/1/2009 11:05:22 AM


Just like you allow engineers and architechs into church to explain how the Ark of Noah is impossible and will fall apart under it's own weight? I'm sure every church would allow one of their preachers to introduce these facts to the congragation. That kinda fair discourse?

You enter a scientific field ruled by facts and continuoslly tested and cataloged proof; You choose to speak unprovable supernatural nonsense: You get your incompatent ass fired

11/1/2009 12:40:03 PM


This isn't just Godwin's Law. This is more like Godwin's Law to the eleventh power with a side of conspiracy theory and stupid.

11/1/2009 12:44:38 PM


Contradictions lead to revisions. And I thought Catholics had no problem with evolution and that it was fundie Protestants that did. Why do you have a problem with something the previous pope said himself was compatible with Christianity?

10/21/2011 2:22:53 PM


Damn right. Nobody has any business teaching science if they don't understand science. And Eugenie kicks ass!

3/19/2018 2:53:25 PM

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