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Rock music also does physical damage to you. Its beat goes against the natural rhythm of your heart when you listen to it. Your heart then gets confused and may stop beating. This can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

Scripture 4 U, Own Blog 58 Comments [4/30/2008 9:46:31 PM]
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I'm going to take a stab in the dark and suggest that you're not a real doctor...

9/22/2012 11:05:09 PM

Jessie's Guitarist


So if I listen to Immigrant Song I'll die? If so, I should have died when I was five and my MOm was playing old Led Zeppelin albums.

5/26/2013 9:51:33 AM


Now, tell me, do you still think emotions come from the heart, too?

5/26/2013 11:36:55 AM


Stupid Meter:C========|==

Congratulations, you've won.

7/17/2013 2:54:25 PM


If that were true then most people would have died of heart attacks by now.

1/30/2014 10:32:47 AM



'God gave Rock & Roll to you...!'


1/30/2014 10:41:47 AM

Citation needed.

6/23/2014 2:42:23 PM


....unless you shout "Jesus!" at regular intervals?

3/19/2018 8:15:13 AM

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