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Earth Day is part of the environmental/green movement which ultimately is a worship of nature. Christians should have nothing to do with this. That is not to say we should not try to be good stewards, but the environmental movement is ultimately anti-christ.

Final_Trumpet, RR 19 Comments [4/30/2008 7:20:08 PM]
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5/31/2008 9:52:08 AM


God just loves watching you destroy his creations! Clearly he only made it so you can ruin it!

5/31/2008 10:27:56 AM


Gawd will take care of it all. I swear it's a wonder they wipe their asses.

5/31/2008 12:30:37 PM

5/31/2008 11:01:56 PM


I'm not so sure these people DO wipe their asses ...

5/31/2008 11:25:50 PM


I would very much like to use you to fertilise my garden now kthx.

5/31/2008 11:46:09 PM


Do you mow your lawn and trim your bushes? You do?!
*Gasp* How dare you take care of your lawn! You must be the anti-christ!

Some people set aside a day of the week to care for their lawn or garden. Earth day is kinda the same thing.

8/17/2008 9:37:58 PM


Jesus said nothing about enviroment protection, ergo the Debil is behind it.

8/17/2008 10:06:37 PM


All Acts of Love and Pleasure Are My Rituals --

8/17/2008 11:03:02 PM


The trumpet you hear is the sound of your fart.
Now where are you going to live after your fucking god has allowed you to poison the planet.
Go live on a landfill site.

8/18/2008 12:18:11 PM


Wait, WHAT?!

8/16/2009 12:00:43 PM

Dr. Gus

Destroying the world for jeebus!

8/16/2009 12:59:03 PM

Allegory for Jesus

"Attempts to preserve the planet for future generations" = "PAGAN NATURE WORSHIP OMG!!"

Fuck off.

9/14/2010 7:29:41 PM

Allegory for Jesus

I wonder if this kind of "thinking" is the real motivation behind global warming denialism? That and the subset of fundies who go a step further in thinking "Apocalypse soon, so fuck up what we want now!". Sigh. As if I needed to be more pessimistic about the future and have another reason to be misanthropic.

9/14/2010 7:30:25 PM


Based purely on the fact that the Bronze Age goatfuckers who wrote the bible hadn't heard of enviromentalism.

9/15/2010 2:28:10 AM

I don't get this mentality. One of the very first rules in the Bible is when God tells Adam and Eve to protect and care for the Earth. Why is this also the first rule Christians ignore?

6/1/2012 8:52:05 PM


You are wrong. And stupid.

10/14/2012 4:21:19 PM

Professor von SCIENCE!

So you plan to protect nature without actually doing any of the stuff other people do to protect nature... dumbass.

7/13/2013 6:45:22 PM


I got whiplash from that last sentence.
"...good stewards" = the environmental movement. I don't "worship" nature, but I want us all to take care of it.

3/19/2018 2:49:03 PM

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