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The Atheist peoples are scared of change.

That's the main thing holding Atheists back from God. A fear of change. So when Christians talk about God they get all cut and slander Christians cause they are trying to justify the sinful world they live in. Hence their belief in evolution.

The peoples who created the big bang theory know it's bullshit... but they've convinced themselves in their minds that it's truth... cause they're afraid of change and having their egos destroyed.
But we as Christians know what is truth... not only in our heads but also in our hearts. We know what's truth cause we feel the truth and the heart doesn't lie. And that is why evolution will never destroy what faith we have.

russell182, POD Warrior Forum 24 Comments [8/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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\"the main thing holding Atheists back from God. A fear of change.\"

The main thing holding x-tians back from reality. A fear of life.

Not everything that is outside of the bible is a personal attack or someone's unchecked ego. Sheesh. Maybe your ego is too big to think that your old book could be wrong once in a while. Besides, talking about inflated ego's is pretty funny when your god has the biggest one of all. Worship me! Make temples for me! Sacrifice animals for me! I don't like the world I made, I'll destroy it! No other gods, ME, ME, ME!

6/29/2006 10:01:50 AM


<<< The Atheist peoples are scared of change. >>>

If that were true I would never have left Christianity in the first place. Indeed, it is religion - not atheism or science - that encourages people to stick to the same views long after they're outdated. Science seeks always to improve, and not one of its theories is considered untouchable if the data warrants a change.

6/30/2006 4:03:55 AM


No, you dumb fuck, the heart does lie, it's called \"wishfull thinking\".

4/26/2007 11:47:16 PM


\"Evolution will never destroy our faith. No matter what new evidence you present us with, we will never change! And that's why atheists are afraid of ch--no, wait, uh....\"

4/27/2007 12:33:20 PM

Sideshow Bob

9 The heart is deceitful above all things
and beyond cure.
Who can understand it?

And I checked the context. Nothing to suggest a specifically local context there.



5/26/2007 1:52:04 AM

Anti - Dei

Evolution will destroy your faith.

When you evolve half a brain...

9/22/2008 12:37:24 PM


Show me one time - read ONE - that any Fundie has reacted to any change without screaming about hellfire.

9/22/2008 12:56:00 PM


The total lack of understanding on your part is astounding.
You've a serious case of projection going there.
Put your brain to a valid use, recycle it.

9/22/2008 2:54:16 PM


Which is why we're often called "Liberals", people who want PROGRESS.

4/7/2009 11:02:10 PM


faith and logic should never mix. faith should never have to be affirmed by logic, in fact, faith is the belief in something DESPITE all facts to the contrary. take it as a good or bad thing, but you can't deny that science should stay out of religion and religion should stay out of science.

6/1/2009 10:03:29 AM


Ahem, Shiny mo'fucking mirror there?

6/1/2009 11:08:03 AM


WE fear change. I challenge you to find ONE invention Christians didn't protest violently as being against God's design.

6/1/2009 12:07:35 PM

Swedish Pagan

You have it backwards. The western world has been more or less religious for at least 6000 years. If anyone's scared of change it must be the religious people.

Evolution has nothing to do with faith. The first is a theory to explain the change in lifeforms here on Earth. The later is a set of mythical stories, that has been more or less constant for thousands of years.

6/1/2009 12:16:03 PM


So wait, atheists are scared of change as a result of the fact that they accept science, something that changes all the time, and not a religion based on a 2000 year old text that is never changed or updated, rejecting new developments for a literal interpretation of said text? Huh?

8/31/2009 8:58:15 PM


HOW are we afraid of change? Does God mean change? I've certainly never encountered that definition before.
Because examining and re-examining the universe is what allowed people to come up with things like the Big Bang Theory . . . challenging our previous perceptions of reality. The same goes for the theory of evolution. We're not scared of change.

8/31/2009 9:09:34 PM

no you dumb fuck you have it ass backwards

4/9/2010 11:19:40 AM

4/9/2010 11:20:43 AM


So why is it every time something new is invented or another discovery is made, it's always the Christians who kick and scream?

4/9/2010 1:12:21 PM


Are you the same people accusing atheist of worshiping Evolution? Evolution IS change over time, ya know.

The Big Bang has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Evolution. But it did bring forth a SERIOUS change, of everything, really.

To me it seems YOU are the ones scared of change.

4/9/2010 2:27:17 PM


That's a shiny shiny mirror you have there.

4/9/2010 2:54:40 PM


So... we're afraid of change, so we believe in evolution (change)?

I think you need to try again.

6/1/2010 9:55:37 AM

The Duelist

Praise Jeebus! Let's hit the libraries and burn every sinful, evil book or magazine that contradicts The Holy, Righteous Penis!

8/7/2010 10:27:38 AM


This is how it should read

The Christian peoples are scared of change.

That's the main thing holding Christians back from opening their eyes to reality. A fear of change. So when Atheists talk about their disbelief in God they get all cut and slander cause they are trying to justify the deluded world they live in. Hence their belief in god.

The peoples who believe in Christianity know it's bullshit... but they've convinced themselves in their minds that it's truth... cause they're afraid of change and having their egos destroyed.

But we as Atheists know what is fact... not only in our observational skills but also in our logic. We know what's fact cause we observe the world around us and logic (when used correctly) doesn't delude. And that is why Christianity will never destroy what knowledge we have.

: D

8/12/2010 3:39:51 PM


Interestingly enough the Big Bang Theory was first theorized by a christian scientist. I guess the jokes on you.

7/19/2012 7:26:16 PM

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