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[Excerpt from an article about praying for lower gas prices, which incidentally have gone up .43/gallon since they started this mess.]

"This whole thing is a wake-up call from God to Americans, because we idolize men so much," said Twyman, 59, a public relations consultant and Seventh-day Adventist who believes that high gas prices are a sign of the apocalypse drawing nigh. "I think through this crisis, God is trying to call us back to depend on Him more."

Rocky Twyman, Washington Post 43 Comments [6/1/2008 5:10:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Cliff

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...or maybe simply get the fuck out of the Middle East OR, even better, finally start saving the environment and investing into alternative power sources whatnot.

6/1/2008 5:25:40 PM


This whole thing is a wake-up call from God to Americans

Failed economics, did you?

6/1/2008 5:26:41 PM


Not the ones who own oil company stock ...

6/1/2008 5:27:52 PM

Lefty Link

Whatever happens, it's always a sign of the apocalypse.

6/1/2008 5:40:03 PM


Maybe it is a wakeup call from economy that invading iraq was a bad idea
or it is a wakeup call from earth, that its easily accessible oil reserves are dwindling ;)

6/1/2008 5:40:09 PM

law mc

lol.this has to be one of the funniest things i have ever seen.

6/1/2008 5:53:47 PM


"because we idolize men so much"
Your not trying to blame teh gehys for oil prices are you?
Because if you are then you're bang on, my copy of 'The Gay Agenda' clearly states 'high oil prices', right after the bit about world domination.

6/1/2008 5:56:42 PM


I have a hangnail! The end is near!!!

6/1/2008 5:59:41 PM


"I think through this crisis, God is trying to call us back to depend on Him more."

I am eagerly awaiting Ford's new line of God-powered trucks.

6/1/2008 6:01:11 PM

Mister Spak

God can make my car go?

6/1/2008 6:17:32 PM


Rising gas prices make these idiots think that we're living in the end times? Seriously? Christ, these people actually think that having to pay extra for gas is some kind of catastrophic event... I'd love to see them try to survive a day living in poverty in Africa or being oppressed in Saudi Arabia. What spoiled pieces of shit.

6/1/2008 6:26:47 PM



It couldn't possibly be the fault of a bunch of rich assholes who think "Everyone needs this, so we can extort them for a much as we want.", then say to everyone "Sorry, Supply and Demand forces us too" as if it were a Law of Physics or something.

6/1/2008 6:33:59 PM


Um, gas in Norway is the equivalent of about $9.50 US, and has been far, far higher for a long time. Funny, how the fundies and bigots are so egocentric that the world is only comprised of the United States. You'd think that if they were going to try to pin some unfavourable event on God's wrath, it'd be that huge earthquake in China that's killed tens of thousands of people. Apparently, God sends his wrath by raising gas prices in America to less than half of that of most other western countries.

6/1/2008 6:56:39 PM


OK God, fill up my tank.


WTF do you mean, you won't!? Rocky Twyman said we could depend on you, you weasel!

6/1/2008 7:07:34 PM


Just another shining example of the extreme lack of reality, and appalling amount of hubris, that fundies are in possession of.

@Peabody - Personally I'm looking forward to the Thetan powered cars by Chevy.

6/1/2008 7:17:22 PM

Bizzarro Kirk

We should invent the car that runs on god. Course we would never get anywhere, but hey, the environment would be saved.

6/1/2008 7:22:06 PM

Tomby Stone

I'm sick of having to pay so much to run my car just because Rocky won't take down those shirtless pictures of Johnny Depp he's got hanging on his bedroom wall.

6/1/2008 7:46:00 PM


Just one more nail in the coffin that prayer does diddly-squat.

6/1/2008 7:56:27 PM


Spoiled SUV owners, just showing their skill at understanding economics.

6/1/2008 7:59:25 PM


Or then we're just running out of oil

6/1/2008 8:16:45 PM


Why does your god use such round about ways to get messages to the people?

He's a poor excuse for a god if he can't just tell you what he wants rather than play games.

6/1/2008 8:39:54 PM


"I think through this crisis, God is trying to call us back to depend on Him more."

Well, God powered cars would certainly be a clean alternative to gasoline...

6/1/2008 8:40:30 PM


These people who believe everything is a sign from God seem to be worshipping a God with very poor communication skills. An omnipotent God ought to be able to bring us back to him with more clear signals than high gas prices.

If their God was real, he'd be a loser... just like them.

6/1/2008 9:35:58 PM


Seventh-Day Adventists have always been wacky.

6/1/2008 10:13:48 PM

Old Viking

How far to God's gas station?

6/1/2008 10:24:07 PM

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