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These flimsy Alex Jones "purity" tests carried out by some fellow Stormfronters will only result in fracturing and dismantling real movement against the banking families.

The key to destroying Jewish dominance over America is to destroy the banking families. The Zionists would have no power in America if the bankers were overthrown. Jones relentlessly attacks the banking families and has created a huge audience that is extremely hostile to the Federal Reserve. He can take a lot of credit for the political rise of Ron Paul. This is GOOD!!!! Understand?!!!!

Anybody that makes an enemy out of Jones has got to be either

#1 too stupid to understand how to fight the Zionists by going after the Banks
#2 an active disinformation agent

DelicateArch, Stormfront 16 Comments [6/11/2008 5:40:17 AM]
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Submitted By: ozznova

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Isn't fighting banks communism?

6/11/2008 6:54:35 AM

*Raises fist half-heartedly*

Hack the planet?

6/11/2008 5:11:21 PM


Isn't fighting banks communism?

Not necessarily. While Marx himself favored (even demanded) the creation of national banks, which would indeed diminish the power of private banks, that's not what these clowns are after. They want to remove usury, lending money with interest.

So it's not the creation of a stable and regulated financial system managed by the state (socialism) or the people directly through hyper-democratization (utopian communism) that these guys want. They are divided between wanting to cut investment out of the economy altogether (regressive feudalism) or simply putting the financial system under the direct control of rich individuals (fascism).

While commies and fascists can agree that the banking system of the world as currently practiced is a disease - their prescription for dealing with the problem is unrecognizable.


6/12/2008 11:39:11 PM

Old Viking

Damned banking families. Try getting a human when you call customer service.

6/13/2008 2:33:06 AM


Political rise?
Yeah, I believed in Ron Paul for a month too.

6/13/2008 4:59:47 PM


I like Ron Paul, and will be working with his group, but ending banking families dominance isn't one of the reasons why.

6/14/2008 5:15:10 AM


When did RuPaul become such a grass-roots political leader? Is it the blush? the sequined jumpsuit?

6/14/2008 2:04:12 PM


What are these "purity tests"? Does anyone know?

6/14/2008 10:21:29 PM



Considering Ron Paul has his own FSTDT entry, I can't look at that guy straight.

6/15/2008 1:22:01 AM


If Christianity had been mentioned, this post could have been an FSTDT/CSTDT/RSTDT hat trick.

6/15/2008 3:18:05 AM



Yeah, he has some odd ideas(his hard on for homeschooling is downright scary), that is true, but he is was the only candidate from a major party who has given a detailed plan on how he would reduce spending, and keep the US out of other people's business. These are the most important issues to me personally, hence my reason for supporting him.

6/15/2008 7:37:47 AM

The Jamo

I'll go for #2. It sounds a lot more cool and underground.

6/23/2008 2:30:15 AM



Considering Ron Paul has his own FSTDT entry, I can't look at that guy straight."

Because some far-left assclown considers him crazy? Maybe you should start thinking for yourself.

6/23/2008 4:51:56 PM


blah blah blah Ron Paul instant 5/5 batshit

6/24/2008 6:38:23 AM

The Jager Bomb

Yeah... I liked Ron Paul 'til I realized he was batshit insane, too. Limited goverment is nice, but I'd rather them just stay the hell away from my house. Ron Paul is like a fucking confederate with how much he wants the federal goverment downsized. Yes, there does need to be a CIA Mr. Paul. Yes, socialized medicine would be a boon to this country Mr. Paul. Yes, abortions need to be legal in ALL states, you fucktard.

6/29/2008 2:41:58 PM


There's a Jewish dominance? Who would have FUCKING guessed?

7/15/2011 11:43:00 PM

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