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Anyway, the point of all this is to say that I feel that time has just lately begun to move faster, so to speak. I could never attempt to set a date for the Rapture, but man, I all of a sudden felt my normal sense of urgency become significantly more urgent! And with this heightened sense of urgency has come a feeling of calm like I have never felt before. Does this make sense to any of you? Are you feeling it too? Do you feel even more surprised that you're still here? Do you feel sad, urgent, happy and calm all at the same time?

JY11, RaptureReady 59 Comments [6/13/2008 2:17:47 PM]
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Mister Spak

Urgent urgent urgent urgent e-mer-gency . . .

6/13/2008 2:23:58 PM

God of Biscuits

I think what you're feeling is less a sign of impending Rapture, and more symptoms of schizophrenia. Rather than in Internet bulletin board, I'd check with a therapist.

6/13/2008 2:24:10 PM


Nah, what he's feeling is hyperthyroidsm.


6/13/2008 2:32:45 PM

Kurt Cobain

Is that the same "feeling of calm" depressed people get when they finally make the decision to commit suicide?

6/13/2008 2:42:18 PM


You have a mental disorder! Seek help!

6/13/2008 2:47:35 PM


Does this make sense to any of you?

No. No it doesn't.

6/13/2008 2:48:22 PM


The Rapture belief should be a studied to prove that mass hysteria does exist.

6/13/2008 2:52:07 PM


...I feel that time has just lately begun to move faster...I all of a sudden felt my normal sense of urgency become significantly more urgent! And with this heightened sense of urgency has come a feeling of calm like I have never felt before. Does this make sense to any of you?

Yes, it makes perfect sense to me. But then, I'm a severe and rapid-cycling Bipolar patient. What you're describing sounds an awful lot like the beginning of a high manic phase laced with massive attacks of paranoia. My advice to you is that you seek out a qualified medical professional and describe your symptoms before either you or people near to you get hurt.

This isn't sarcasm or abuse on my part, "JY11". I sincerely believe you may need to talk to a doctor before it's too late.

6/13/2008 2:52:25 PM


Well, I do feel things are going kinda fast, but it's not so much a religious delusion as simply the fact that I've got a shitload of work to do at the moment.

6/13/2008 2:53:48 PM

It all seriousness, this guy sounds like the type of person who needs to be on meds.

6/13/2008 2:59:14 PM


Holy crap.

I totally know what happened to you, man.

That happened to my dad when the pharmacist confused his heart meds with some sort of stimulant and he went into a weird psychotic state (happy, sad, happy, unusually calm, anxious, worried, happy, really sad, murderously angry). The whole time he couldn't sit still for a damn minute.

I'd trade in your prescription for Rapture for Risperdal, or maybe Abilify, or possibly Seroquel. And set the date for checking into a psychiatrist before you check out, buddy.

6/13/2008 3:03:47 PM


I just hope you don't have any kids.

6/13/2008 3:14:13 PM


Psychological intervention would probably do wonders in calming you down.

6/13/2008 3:26:29 PM

Maybe you hit puberty.

6/13/2008 3:28:11 PM


In all seriousness, I think you need to consult a medical professional.

6/13/2008 3:28:28 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Well, yeah, now that you mention it - I am SO surprised we're all still here - I mean it IS Friday the 13th of June and that guy in Texas promised us a nukular holocaust yesterday, wtf happened to that deal? I wanted at least to watch it on TV today - crap.

6/13/2008 3:30:56 PM


Take your meds, Idiot!

6/13/2008 3:42:36 PM


How is it that a bunch of hyper depressed people could all meet up at the same place and not one of them say, "You know maybe we're depressed."

6/13/2008 3:44:29 PM


Maybe it's constipation.

6/13/2008 4:01:33 PM


Have you recently started taking crystal meth?

6/13/2008 4:08:49 PM

french student

I vote for caffeine high

6/13/2008 4:10:27 PM


When I feel my normal sense of urgency become more urgent, I take:

6/13/2008 4:21:37 PM

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. But when I finish whatever project I'm running behind on or my blood sugar returns to normal, it usually stops.

6/13/2008 4:23:21 PM

Man Called True

I've felt that way before, but it's one of the symptoms of my OCD. Hide the clocks in your room and see if it calms you down.

6/13/2008 4:26:42 PM

Lefty Link

@ Mister Spak

Oh man, I hate that song. Now I'll be singing it the rest of the day.

6/13/2008 4:44:38 PM
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