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Christians HATERS

(^ that's the title of his journal entry. Now get ready for a heaping pile of WTF)

Sense I was a kid after I'd saw SNOW WHITE & 7 dwarfs. I'd wanted to have girlfriend that look like SNOW WHITE . In 2003 I got. She'd happen to be my Pastor's oldest daughter.

When I was watching the OLD WCW.
I'm the one of that prayed to my God to save Sting the wrestler.
Now I'm prayed for the WWE's fall and have to sell it to TNA.
I'm talking to GOD to make WWE Fall like Roman Empire did but sooner than later cause Vince and Shane said that they could beat GOD in a wrestling.

So we all could play a video game that have all of the wrestlers from WCW/ECW/WWE/WWF AND OF COURSE TNA.

LoneWolf1984, deviantART 92 Comments [6/13/2008 7:57:22 AM]
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captain hooker

That's not fundie.

That's batshit insane.

6/13/2008 8:09:43 AM


wait... what?

6/13/2008 8:10:02 AM


Was there a single coherent thought expressed in that? I didn't catch one, but I wanted to see if someone had.

6/13/2008 8:12:14 AM


Wow. That's a...um, inetersting planet you're living on, Lone.

6/13/2008 8:14:51 AM


What are you babbling about?

6/13/2008 8:19:28 AM


I have never seen a stranger mix of wrestling fan boyism and christian fundamentalism :D

6/13/2008 8:21:35 AM


Ah, nice to see our old friend LoneWolfIQ84 again.

6/13/2008 8:21:51 AM

Dr. Gus

YEEHAW! All this nonsense sounded too redneck, but the fundiism is very low.
By the way, LoneWolf, learn to write properly, you would give your english teacher a heart attack.

6/13/2008 8:22:18 AM


Soooooooooooo...what does any of this have to do with "christian haters"?

6/13/2008 8:22:52 AM


I'm getting less of an "insane" and more of a "room temperature IQ" vibe on this one.

6/13/2008 8:23:27 AM


Yep, it's a heaping pile of WTF alright.

6/13/2008 8:24:17 AM



Maybe he meant "Christian Slater". Wait...that still doesn't make any sense.

6/13/2008 8:24:18 AM


Dr. Gus: "but the fundiism is very low"

Well, this is Fundies Say the Darndest Things. And trust me, he is a fundie, and this is about the darndest damn thing I've ever seen or heard.

6/13/2008 8:27:26 AM


In perhaps the most poignant revelation of one man's soul written this century, we see the true man behind the wrestling fan, as it were, mask. Certainly, this work will be replacing Meditations by the great stoic emperor Marcus Aurelius as my guide to living and the use of power. It may too replace, in translation throughout the world, St. Augustine's Confessions as a deep and penetrating look into both the imperfection and potential for transformation that are hallmarks of the human condition. But like a silence from an old and familiar companion, its subtlety and power are beyond my capacity for words. It is the new reality we will, with great effort, work to reveal in our own writing. To put it simply: my friends, we have found most perfectly formulated and composed writing of this century.

Either that or it just doesn't make any sense.

6/13/2008 8:31:01 AM


Wrestling is like ballet. It's an art form that is an athletic and choreographed dance display. It is both demanding upon the body and in the appropriate context quite beautiful to watch.

But... gods don't enter into it at all. You can't pray for divine intervention to make one guy win or lose, because it's a dance. It's like praying to Vishnu to make the Queen of Night win in a performance of The Magic Flute. It just... doesn't work that way.


6/13/2008 8:53:41 AM


Once upon a time....

There was a little boy called LoneWolf. He was very righteous and loved the LORD. He also loved wrestling and Snow white.

So, he prayed and prayed, asking the LORD to destroyed WWE.

Now, the LORD heard a great many prayers every day - prayers to end hunger, cure the ill, release children from slavery. But when he heard LoneWolf's prayer, he knew what he had to do.

The LORD rose up and destroyed WWE, so that all of us could play a video game with all the westers (and of course TNA!!)

And, LoneWolf and Snow White lived happily ever after. The End.

6/13/2008 8:57:12 AM


I'm pretty convinced that this guy's a inbred Redneck who's kept in a barn on his Daddy's farm.

6/13/2008 8:58:25 AM


This makes perfect sense, because it seems that Vince and Shane, whomsoever they may be, blasphemed in boasting that they could out-wrestle God himself. So God should blast the WCW to hell. Seems fundie enough to me.

You'd think LoneWalf's father-in-law, the Pastor, could take some time out to teach the boy some English. If, that is, the Pastor knows any himself.


6/13/2008 9:04:16 AM


What the fuck?

6/13/2008 9:06:29 AM

David B.

LW seems to have confused God with a magical wish-granting fairy (not to mention wrestling with reality). I guess he must believe that people whose children are abducted and killed didn't 'pray hard enough' for their return? Or perhaps he imagines they just deserved it, "cuz my God wouldn't have done it otherwise"?

"Please God, can I have a trophy wife, can my favourite wrestler be alright, and can you smite the management of the WWE for dissing you?"

Not all christians are stupid, but those that are are really, really stupid.

6/13/2008 9:11:05 AM

sofia the antichrist

My god... it's full of... stars

6/13/2008 9:29:06 AM

Dr. Funkenstein

He prayed over pro wrestling. PRO FUCKING WRESTLING.

6/13/2008 9:46:54 AM


Did LoneWolf1984 suffer some kind of head injury?

6/13/2008 9:48:17 AM


Christian Haters >>>> Snow White >>>> Wrestling


6/13/2008 10:11:46 AM



6/13/2008 10:58:48 AM

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