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The Bible has made falsifiable predictions also. It is called prophesy. There is a lot of prophesy made way before Christ that was fulfilled exactly in Him. Many others were made of nations and people groups and they were also fulfilled exactly. History and Archeology confirm these. Hopefully we are not getting off the subject too much.

What are the predictions that evolution makes about the future? There are Biblical predictions that have been fulfilled in our time and for the furure.

John Clifton, Facebook: I bet I can find 1,000,000 Christians 28 Comments [6/19/2008 5:43:23 AM]
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Prophecies are typically forced in after the fact to fit. Unless you can use the bible and give me an exact day and what event will happen on that day (so long as it isn't self-fulfilling), then you're not making a prediction.

6/19/2008 5:46:08 AM



6/19/2008 6:01:17 AM


They always talk about prophecies but don't give an example.

Cept for the endtimes, but that was supposed to be in 2007, which never happened.

6/19/2008 6:09:01 AM


Of course, when the bible makes a prophecy, and the only source that says the prophecy is fullfilled is the bible, that's not really much of a feat, now is it?

Other prediction I could make with my proverbial eyes closed and hands tied. Such as that a port city like Tyre would be attacked. That's like saying "There will be a war in the middle-east".

More predictions are just plain wrong, such as the one where Tyre would never be rebuild (hint: look at a map, or ask one of the 120.000 inhabitants), or that Jesus would come back during the life of his disciples. Unless one of them is reaaaaaly old, I don't that happened either.

So, the bible really follows the nostradamus style of prophecy. Either
A - Shout lots of vague, random things and hope you hit something (AKA stormtrooper prophecy)
B - Make a prophecy that's completele self-fullfilling and will be used as a legitimate claim (see Isreal)
C - Predict something, and then say it happened, ignoring all evidence to the contrary.

6/19/2008 6:11:16 AM


Ahem, source.

6/19/2008 6:13:06 AM


Yes, like the one that believers in Jesus will never die. Not 'never go to hell', but never die. Don't wimp out by going the 'that's metaphorical' route, because that'd be siding with the people who claim GENESIS is metaphorical.
Man up and admit that everyone who ever died didn't believe in Jesus.
Either that or confess your Bible is full of falsified predictions.

6/19/2008 6:13:59 AM

Generic Human Fleshbot

I would be impressed by this if... the prophecies provided a full names, social security codes, GPS coordinates of where the event will happen and a completely accurate discription of what will happen.

6/19/2008 6:14:52 AM


Names and dates BEFOREHAND, you nitwit!
Otherwise: LIAR!

6/19/2008 6:15:15 AM


Here's my favorite fulfilled Jesus prophesy:

Then Isaiah said, "Hear now, you house of David! Is it not enough to try the patience of men? Will you try the patience of my God also? Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.
Isaiah 7:13-14

See? Jesus was born of a virgin! That's a fulfilled prophecy right there! But wait, there's even more prophesy right after that!

He will eat curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right. But before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste. The LORD will bring on you and on your people and on the house of your father a time unlike any since Ephraim broke away from Judah—he will bring the king of Assyria.

In that day the LORD will whistle for flies from the distant streams of Egypt and for bees from the land of Assyria. They will all come and settle in the steep ravines and in the crevices in the rocks, on all the thorn bushes and at all the water holes. In that day the Lord will use a razor hired from beyond the River —the king of Assyria— to shave your head and the hair of your legs, and to take off your beards also. In that day, a man will keep alive a young cow and two goats. And because of the abundance of the milk they give, he will have curds to eat. All who remain in the land will eat curds and honey. In that day, in every place where there were a thousand vines worth a thousand silver shekels, there will be only briers and thorns. Men will go there with bow and arrow, for the land will be covered with briers and thorns. As for all the hills once cultivated by the hoe, you will no longer go there for fear of the briers and thorns; they will become places where cattle are turned loose and where sheep run.

Isaiah 7:15-25

Hmm. How much of that prophesy did Jesus fulfill. I can't even tell because it's a bunch of convoluted bullshit!

6/19/2008 6:29:09 AM


What happens when you find out they were pretty much conclusively written after the fact. Otherwise, there are some bold prophesies made that didn't in any way come true.

So you--and babble--fail. I bet I can find 1 million suckers too.

6/19/2008 6:43:32 AM

Reverend Davidius

The question isn't what predictions that evolution makes, but what predictions science makes, so watch this...
part 1 of 6

6/19/2008 6:44:32 AM


What are the predictions that evolution make?

That a medical procedure that works successfully on a mouse or -- even better -- a primate is very likely to work on a human.

What's Creationism got to offer?

6/19/2008 6:44:34 AM


Here, douche. Here's a nice, long list of all the false prophecies in your ridiculous holy book. Try and make the most of it because this won't happen again. I'm not your research assistant. A**hole.


By the way: Jesus is quoted in multiple gospels as saying He would return in the lifetimes of the people He was speaking to. Here we are 2,000 years later and there's absolutely no sign of Him. How long do you plan to keep your life on hold for this dead carpenter?

Reverend Davidius: Thanks tons for the YouTube link. I'm just getting into the second part of the video and it's absolutely fascinating. If my 8 year old son had the attention span necessary I'd make him sit down and watch it with me this weekend.

6/19/2008 7:02:27 AM


"I bet I can find 1 million Xtians"

"Group has 293,000 members"


6/19/2008 7:27:06 AM


The so-called predictions are so vague, they could have meant any event at ay time. Peddle it somewhere else.

6/19/2008 8:14:34 AM


It's funny how creative biographies written after the fact can be altered to suit the whim or need of the writer.

6/19/2008 8:28:46 AM

David B.

Well Battlestar Galactica has made falsifiable predictions as well. What's more, those have come to pass too!

"And the lords (of Kobol) anointed a leader to guide the caravan of the heavens to their new homeland and unto the leader they gave a vision of serpents, numbering two and ten, as a sign of things to come."

Did Roslin not hallucinate a dozen snakes on her podium before giving a speech?

"The leader suffered a wasting disease and would not live to enter the new land."

Did Roslin not have a terminal disease?

Clearly then, Battlestar Galactica is true, and "life here began out there, far across the universe with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians or the Toltecs or the Mayans. Some believe there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens..."

Da dada Daa dada daa daa dadada daa daa dadada daa da daaaa!

6/19/2008 9:04:56 AM

The Jamo

I don't think that you grasp what it means for something to be falsifiable, John.

6/19/2008 9:05:36 AM


"I bet I can find 1,000,000 christians"

It's crap like this that made me first create a rather popular group called "No, I won't join your political activism group", before removing myself from that horrible site permanently.

6/19/2008 9:23:27 AM


There's at least one demonstrably true statement in the Bible:

Lamentations 2:14 : "Thy prophets have seen vain and foolish things for thee."

6/19/2008 12:26:28 PM


They always talk about prophecies but don't give an example.

Cept for the endtimes, but that was supposed to be in 2007, which never happened.

And 2006, and 2005, and 2004, and 2003, and 2002, and 2001, and 2000...
Oh, and this year too.
And next year...

6/19/2008 12:53:33 PM

Old Viking

Toss in the LORD (caps mandatory) enough times and, Bingo!, instant prophecy.

6/20/2008 2:57:45 AM


I boggles my mind how they can't see exactly how "Jesus fullfilled the prophesies about him" in the OT.

The story(ies) of Jesus were written in 70 - 100 AD, centuries AFTER those "prophesies" were written, by men who presumably read and/or followed those writings.

How EVER could what they wrote about Jesus POSSIBLY match up with what was written in the OT?

I wish I could get my uncle (and several other family members) to grasp that simple concept. *sigh*

6/20/2008 3:47:26 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Jesus never existed.
The babble is forged.
You are a liar,
Deal with it.

3/15/2012 5:05:29 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Bible's a forgery.

8/5/2012 12:26:08 AM

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