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[about george carlin (may he RIP)]

I, too, found myself thinking that this guy was in for a world of hurt now that he has died. . . unless he repented and accepted. One can only hope.

He was beyond lost, he was willfully antagonistic. I always felt as though a good exorcism would have done him good. . . surely only someone possessed by a demon could be that willfully blasphemous of God and Jesus Christ.

Maybe he is one of those who will call out to Christ from the pits of hell. . .

And to think, people observed this 'damning myself to hell' behavior and found it funny

RebMel, RR 46 Comments [6/25/2008 4:23:34 PM]
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God of Biscuits

He was funny because he spoke truth.

6/25/2008 4:26:05 PM


I always felt as though a good exorcism would have done him good. . .

Well of course it would have done him some good. You would have given Carlin enough comedy gold to add at least another ten minutes to his act.

6/25/2008 4:27:27 PM


Demons, demons, everywhere, when there's no brain to think.

6/25/2008 4:39:22 PM


Fuck your god.

Fuck your jezuz.

Fuck your demons.

Fuck your devil.

And fuck you.

6/25/2008 4:48:38 PM

Doctor Whom

Surely only someone possessed by the foul demons of stupidity could fail to see how right, how often, Carlin was. Here, let me perform an exorcism on you with the clue stick.

6/25/2008 4:55:46 PM


I always thought Carlin had better mojo than god anyway.

6/25/2008 4:58:07 PM


George Carlin was funny and if your god exists, then he has a sense of humor.
After all, he created fools like you to laugh at.

6/25/2008 4:58:19 PM


Those people who don't find Carlin funny typically hold that opinion because they are put off by his language. Naturally, they fail to see the point; he wasn't just swearing for the heck of it. Heck, he was an everyman's sociolinguist, challenging the norms and mores of the modern world. Had he lived at any other point in time, he would have done the same act.

"The Seven Words You Can't Say at the Forum"

Truly timeless.

6/25/2008 5:04:41 PM


He's not in Hell, his soul has flown up on the roof and it's not coming back down.

6/25/2008 5:19:02 PM

Carbonated Margarine

It would be nice to think George Carlin could read what these people are saying about him and laugh his ass off (as if he didn't hear enough of this dumbfuckness when he was alive), but, due to the non-existence of (a) an afterlife and (b) Carlin's ass, according to one of his own standup routines, the point is moot.

So suffice it to say Carlin was brilliant and brave and cooler than an utterly defiant snowball in hell.

6/25/2008 5:19:20 PM

David D.G.

<< So suffice it to say Carlin was brilliant and brave and cooler than an utterly defiant snowball in hell. >>

Carbonated Margarine, that is one awesome epitaph. I'm sure Carlin would have adored the idea of it being carved on his tombstone.

~David D.G.

6/25/2008 5:43:04 PM


Mocking and satirizing those who deny truth and reality is always goddamned hilarious. George Carlin was one of the best at this.

He spoke truth and it was always funny.

6/25/2008 5:50:31 PM


The only things George Carlin was possessed by was a superior intellect, a keen sense of observation, and the bravery not to hide behind an ancient book of foolish rules when he spoke.

It's obvious that you have none of these qualities.

6/25/2008 5:57:20 PM


George Carlin wasn't a comedian. A comedian makes up and tells jokes.

Carlin just described the world as it is without the hypocrisy that politicians and fundie like to tack on it.

George, you will be sorely missed.

6/25/2008 5:58:00 PM

Carbonated Margarine

David D.G.: Thank you! :O) I was lucky enough to see Carlin perform live on stage a year and a half ago, and although he was clearly unhealthy, he showed no signs of settling for being anything besides himself.

6/25/2008 6:00:00 PM


Reading this thread has actually given me an ounce of respect for Lisa. It was quickly deteriorating into "Carlin's in hell, he got what was coming to him, sucks to be him lol" and instead of joining in, like all the mods I've seen do on threads that would be locked even on 4chan, she locked it before it fully got to that point.

6/25/2008 6:04:09 PM

Little Miss

I loved George Carlin. He was one of the most clever, observant people of our time. Even high on coke, he was smarter than most people sober. He always made you think and always made you laugh. He'll be sorely missed.

6/25/2008 6:25:52 PM


"Maybe he is one of those who will call out to Christ from the pits of hell. . . "

Feel the Christian Love!

6/25/2008 6:39:32 PM

Mister Spak

I'd like to see a fundie try to exorcise Carlin. He could take that show on the road.

6/25/2008 7:13:16 PM

Wet Walnuts

If people like George Carlin are in Hell, I would consider it an honor to be admitted there.

6/25/2008 7:19:45 PM

Old Viking

The likelihood of Carlin being in hell is remote because the place doesn't exist. As for his "antagonism," he simply told the truth, which fundies always consider antagonistic.

6/25/2008 7:20:52 PM

Thinking Allowed

A lot of these Carlin-hating fundies didn't like him because he spoke true about them.

6/25/2008 7:20:56 PM

Moon Wolfhowl

"Maybe he is one of those who will call out to Christ from the pits of hell..."

Ah. I was wondering when they'd start jumping onto this.

"hurr, hey guys, an atheist died, he's in hell now lol, he's being tortured for eternity lololol"


6/25/2008 7:37:25 PM


Fuck you and your children.

6/25/2008 7:41:25 PM



George Carlin is one of my heroes. At least he had the brains to realize that God doesn't exist.

6/25/2008 7:47:45 PM

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