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ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Over a quarter of Ethiopia's HIV/AIDS patients on drugs are not taking their medicine because of logistical problems but also due to religious beliefs, the head of a treatment body said on Tuesday.

Over 40,000 of Ethiopia's 156,360 HIV/AIDS patients on the life-prolonging medication have discontinued treatment "due to problems of transportation to hospitals," said Dr Ygeremu Abebe, the director of the Clinton Foundation in Ethiopia.

Some however stopped taking the anti-retroviral medicine on the prompting of religious leaders who encouraged them to take "holy water" instead, he said.

Ethiopian Orthodox priests, SwissInfo 32 Comments [6/25/2008 2:29:56 PM]
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and 'faith healing' kills again.

6/25/2008 2:41:24 PM


Homeopathy for Jeebus!

6/25/2008 2:43:36 PM


Darwin Award?

6/25/2008 2:47:04 PM


The catholic church is responsible for mass murder IMO. I know I'm making an assumption that it's the catholic teachings that instigated this, but it's a fairly educated guess based on some of the other things they preach to vulnerable africans.

6/25/2008 2:50:42 PM


And you need 40 000 body bags.

6/25/2008 2:51:32 PM


Well, it is better than telling them to sleep with a virgin to get rid of the disease.

6/25/2008 2:53:18 PM

Allegory for Jesus

Oh, religion. They keep coming up with more clever and indirect ways of killing people nowadays.

6/25/2008 2:54:26 PM


Lying for Jeebus

6/25/2008 2:55:48 PM

Quantum Mechanic


6/25/2008 2:57:39 PM



6/25/2008 2:59:03 PM


Sick, sad world.

6/25/2008 3:02:13 PM


The religious version of homeopathy?

6/25/2008 3:03:03 PM


Screw aids meds. More money for the tiths right?

6/25/2008 3:07:15 PM



6/25/2008 3:08:32 PM

Mister Spak

Christian or muslim holy water?

6/25/2008 3:16:51 PM


is it bad that even in a horrible and depressing story like this all i can do is giggle at "addis ababa"?

damn you superman!

6/25/2008 3:55:48 PM


Salt water with Latin drool on it.


6/25/2008 4:07:02 PM


*sniffs daintily at the glass of holy water*

*takes a sip and swishes it thoughtfully around my mouth*

Good bouquet... excellent body... delicate flavor.

I'm gonna guess...2008 Tap?

6/25/2008 4:26:16 PM


the Catholic Church has a miniscule influence in Ethiopia compared to the ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.

Blame the Orthodox for this...

6/25/2008 4:41:40 PM

David D.G.

Holy Homeopathy, Batman!

~David D.G.

6/25/2008 5:29:14 PM



6/25/2008 5:40:39 PM


This...saddens me greatly. If ever there was proof of what organized religion thinks of the average layman, it's right here. These people would rather have their followers die for their (the priests') faith than let them seek an alternative way to alleviate their illness, and actually get better without praying or superstition.

6/25/2008 5:41:45 PM


You try to do something nice for potential customers...

6/25/2008 5:41:46 PM


@ GigaGuess: Most organized religion isn't really hateful or controlling, it's just group polarization. People believe what they want to and refuse to do anything else because everyone else believes that.

It's just stupidity.

6/25/2008 5:43:52 PM


Wow... Its not quite a Darwin since they are "going to die anyways" due to their disease. But its still mindbogglingly stupid.

6/25/2008 6:05:53 PM

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