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This is another frog in water attempt to get people use to the idea of homosexuality. It is happening all over and America needs to wake up! I stop letting my children watch Sesame Street 25 years ago when they started promoting that 2 lesbians w/children and 2 gay men w/children were just like a heterosexual family. Now, I will stop buying Heinz Ketchup as a result of this ad. These men & women need to wake up to the sin they are choosing to take part of, repent and ask for forgiveness or suffer an eternity in hell.If Christian conservatists do not wake up and start voting we can kiss America goodbye because the same type of stuff was happening thousands of years ago and God took care of it by destroying the earth then and He will do it again.

comfypjs52, abcnews.com 38 Comments [6/28/2008 3:44:14 AM]
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"These men & women need to wake up to the sin they are choosing to take part of"

This goes without saying, but when did you choose to be straight?

6/28/2008 3:46:04 AM


I'm sure Heinz will be devastated by the loss of your custom.

"Heinz meanz gayz!"

6/28/2008 3:52:45 AM


Ha! Time to stock up on ketchup! XD

6/28/2008 4:01:10 AM

Allegory for Jesus

I have determined from the vast usage of the phrase "Wake up America" that it literally translates into "the rest of country needs to adopt my particular flavor of bigotry in order to survive the year".

Seriously...get a life, and learn to tolerate homosexuals like the rest of us tolerate your spiteful ass.

6/28/2008 4:04:26 AM


God destroyed the earth thousands of years ago? So, where does that leave us? Oh, wait, this is Earth 616.

6/28/2008 4:11:20 AM

Milking the Catz


6/28/2008 4:23:27 AM


So you admit that your "conservatists" are completely different from actual conservatives?

6/28/2008 4:55:26 AM


Ah yes. The Heinz advert... In The UK...

Where homosexuality is normal and indeed "gay marriage" is legal.

So, I have no idea how the Heinz ad is normalising homosexuality after that since Gay people can get Married...

The thing to remember is this, "Unless we conservatives start voting" has been used to argue against women's lib, for slavery and for apartheid. When people say "the founding fathers would be displeased as to what we have done", I say they can suck lemons. Your country changes, it improves with time, sticking to the rules as set down "ages" ago does not make your country a good place to live in.

If the founding fathers of the US were brought to today, they would think we were witches, with what we can do.

6/28/2008 4:59:47 AM


Can these idiots type properly?

6/28/2008 5:00:49 AM

Sheik yer Bouti

I thought you fuckers were capitalist rather than socialist.

Capitalism says that you should buy the best product regardless of stance.

I guess that you are unpatriotic.

6/28/2008 5:23:29 AM



6/28/2008 5:53:11 AM

cool cats

Yes, because putting condiments on your sandwich will give you TEH GHEY!!!!!!!!!

Especially if it makes it taste like it's from a New York deli. OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!

6/28/2008 5:58:56 AM


All this fuss makes me want to see this ad desperately.

6/28/2008 6:22:09 AM


I've said it before and I'm saying it again: Christianity is stupid. Homophobia is stupid. This is truly a demon-haunted world. But there are no real demons... and people who believe in such things don't know it belongs in the dark past.

6/28/2008 6:25:36 AM

Lefty Link

Get the fuck out of this country.

6/28/2008 6:25:52 AM


There's much bigger things to worry about than what two consenting adults are doing with their own lives. If anyone needs to wake up it's you. Also, you're a douche.

6/28/2008 6:26:26 AM


The Heinz ad again? Which didn't even promote or feature homosexuality?

Two men kissing NOT EQUAL homosexuality

The joke of the ad was that the mother, thanks to the mayo, made so good food that everyone looked at her as a deli chef. That simple. Nothing to do with gayness. Stupid fundies.

6/28/2008 6:46:11 AM

"I stop letting my children watch Sesame Street 25 years ago..."

FFS man, I think its time to let them leave the house.

Also, you can youtube the ad. I think its really funny: it was obvious the effect they were going for. The fact that two men kissed means nothing.

6/28/2008 7:25:12 AM


Sesame Street I can understand, but not buying Heinz Ketchup? That's downright unamerican.

6/28/2008 7:30:32 AM


I laugh at this pile of shit


6/28/2008 7:54:16 AM


I read that as Christian conservatits. My bad.

6/28/2008 8:36:27 AM

One Trick Pony

I thought the commercial was great, personally.

6/28/2008 8:52:28 AM



That's the ad he's talking about, seriously? OMFG. Wow, words fail me...

6/28/2008 9:28:12 AM


OK, I'm going to stop snarking for a moment and ask a genuine question, because this time I think I AM missing something. Can someone please tell me where the frog comes in?

6/28/2008 12:12:46 PM

Princess Rot

Biblegod would destroy the earth over an advert for ketchup? Overreact much?

6/28/2008 12:38:30 PM

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