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Not the kind that we normally think of. Slavery in the OT was a volentary act by the slave if they couldn't afford living expenses. They would submit themselves to be slaves in exchange for food, shelter, etc. When their time was up they could choose to go or stay. Many stayed in gratitude to their masters.

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Dr. Shrinker

"Many stayed in gratitude to their masters."

Source please

11/28/2008 4:56:58 PM


Voluntary? How do you explain the spoils-of-war aspect then? (Hint: Numbers 31)

11/29/2008 5:16:04 PM


Y'know what? If you can leave without consequences you're not a slave. Explain the Moses story with that understanding of what slavery is.

11/30/2008 3:21:33 PM

And they were also regular slaves that were bought and it was not voluntary. And they were treated like shit, anyway.

8/13/2009 4:47:29 AM


slave: noun (chiefly historical):
- a person who is the legal property of another and is FORCED TO OBEY THEM

[emphasis added]

5/17/2010 8:48:18 PM


I guess that whole Book of Exodus then is just bullshit....

5/17/2010 9:03:02 PM

Quantum Mechanic


5/15/2012 2:10:50 PM

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